Principal, London

I am a Principal based in London, focused on energy and utilities. Before joining Arthur D. Little a decade ago as Consultant, I worked for an international utility in retail, strategy, energy trading, M&A, and energy procurement consulting. At that time, Arthur D. Little was looking for energy-industry modeling skills and experience, and my profile fit the role. I was looking for work variety and client contact, which only Arthur D. Little could offer.

This journey has been extraordinary for me so far, with multiple occasions to make successful achievements. I remember, in particular, getting praise from a client’s external stakeholder for the clarity and strength of my work in representing the client in a complex process. This client also trusted me to lead negotiations that had potential multi-million-euro and reputational impact.

In addition to resolving business issues, I thrive on helping colleagues and clients to develop professionally and personally through coaching and support. I encountered similar excitement while going through my first training programs within Arthur D. Little: meeting colleagues from across the globe, lots of experimentation in a safe environment, and an opportunity to learn a lot about the company, new colleagues and myself. There, I was given a chance to apprehend our individual but collaborative corporate culture. This showed me that Arthur D. Little could accommodate all manner of quirks and talents if they had something to offer clients. This can make your life at Arthur D. Little interesting in many different ways.

In fact, we look for intellectually curious people, and will want to find out more about you, what you are telling us and why. Be prepared for probing questions. And don’t say you want to work in strategy or business without being able to explain what that means.

Apart from my life at Arthur D. Little, I have very eclectic tastes and diverse interests, which I will be delighted to share with you if you join the company: taking care of two rescue rabbits, enjoying real ale, supporting Liverpool Football Club, growing vegetables, playing crazy golf, singing 80s music and Russian folksongs at open mic, and taxidermy. Convinced?