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Leveraging value for a lube oil business

A major oil company achieves a real point of difference in a competitive environment through Arthur D. Little's assessment and insights on the market place


Our client, the downstream division of a major oil company, asked us to help them realign their technology and resources with market needs to create a real point of difference.


We assembled a team that included a psychologist, industry specialists and functional experts, and conducted extensive interviews with client companies to get a better understanding of buying behaviour, customer attitudes and market needs. We benchmarked other major lube technology organisations scope and control, major processes, structure, and spending.

We ranked the different technical capabilities of various products in terms of how attractive they were to buyers. We evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of several organization structures in meeting the business unit strategy.


We enabled our client to develop new strategies, technologies and systems in line with customer preferences and close the gaps in organisation, processes, and spending whilst preserving adequate margins.

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