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Defining advantage through technology innovation

An industry survey by Arthur D. Little improves the R&D efficiency and focus for a global oil company


Using only publicly available information, our client, a super major oil company, wished to conduct an in-depth independent review of the R&D and technology spend, focus areas, metrics used to manage R&D, capabilities of competitors, suppliers and selected NOCs to help them understand their competitive position.


We identified resource levels, R&D spending and each company's general strategy including specific technologies offering the greatest competitive advantage to each company.

We examined the leading technologies in exploration, refining and chemicals, before comparing our client's position with their major competitors in terms of their R&D and technology focus areas, the level of spending and the metrics used to manage R&D.


We delivered an independent assessment of R&D focus areas, metrics used to manage R&D and relative areas of strengths and weaknesses for thirteen competitors, detailing each company's general strategy, specific technologies and areas of greatest competitive advantage.

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