Partner, Middle East

Jaap Kalkman

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Bio: Jaap Kalkman is Global Practice Head of Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Utilities Practice located in Dubai. He has worked across the board on projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, focusing initially on utilities and later on oil & gas and [...]

Partner, United Kingdom

Stephen Rogers

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Bio: Stephen Rogers is a Partner in Arthur D. Little’s London office, with considerable consulting and industry experience. His primary focus areas include upstream oil & gas companies worldwide, with experience including strategic guidance, portfolio [...]

Partner, Czech Republic

Dean Brabec

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Bio: Dean is a Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little in Central and Eastern Europe.
He is responsible for the business development in Eastern Europe and focuses on Energy and Utilities, Public Services and Travel and Transportation.
He has conside [...]

Partner, Germany

Michael Kruse

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Bio: Michael Kruse is a Partner and head of the Central European Energy & Utilities practice based in Frankfurt. He is associated with Arthur D. Little’s Operations Management and Chemicals Practices. His work focuses on strategy and project development [...]

Partner, Japan

Yotaro Akamine

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Bio: Yotaro Akamine is a member of Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Utilities Practice located in Tokyo. Yotaro has a variety of business experiences in Energy and Utility field for 17 years in total. He has experiences as a Partner (Energy and infrastructure [...]

Partner, Belgium

Kurt Baes

Contact Kurt Baes
Bio: Kurt Baes is a Partner in Arthur D. Little's Brussels office and responsible for the Operations Management Practice in Benelux. He has over 17 years of consulting experience in Europe and Asia/China, mainly in the energy & utilities, manufacturing [...]

Partner, Germany

Matthias von Bechtolsheim

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Bio: Dr. Matthias von Bechtolsheim is a Partner in Arthur D. Little´s Frankfurt office and a member of our Energy and Utilities practice in Central Europe. In the past 20 years Matthias von Bechtolsheim gained his expertise working with clients in large and [...]

Partner, Spain

David Borras

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Bio: David Borràs is a Partner of Arthur D. Little based in the Spanish office, where he leads the Energy & Utilities as well as the Industrial Sector practices. He has extensive experience in serving clients on the topics of strategy, regulation, capex [...]

Partner, Italy

Saverio Caldani

Contact Saverio Caldani
Bio: Saverio Caldani is a Partner in Arthur D. Little Italy and Spain. He is a member of the Energy & Utilities Practice and affiliated with Strategy & Organization within Arthur D. Little. His primary focus areas are organizational improvement, strategic [...]

Partner, The Netherlands

Martijn Eikelenboom

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Bio: Martijn Eikelenboom is a Partner in the Amsterdam office of Arthur D. Little. He combines a total of over 20 years of strategy consulting experience with five years of line management as CEO for a leading media publisher, distributor and retailer.
Ma [...]

Partner, USA

Rodolfo Guzman

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Bio: Rodolfo Guzman is a Partner in Arthur D. Little's Houston office, with much consulting experience in the global energy industry. His functional interests are focused on the areas of strategy development and organizational change. He has worked extensively [...]

Partner, Italy

Andrea Romboli

Contact Andrea Romboli
Bio: Andrea Romboli is a Partner in Arthur D. Little´s Rome office. He has over 15 years' consulting experience in the utilities industry and Corporate Finance Practice. His primary focus areas lie in strategic planning, process improvement, organizational [...]

Principal, United Kingdom

Ben Thuriaux-Alemán

Contact Ben Thuriaux-Alemán
Bio: Ben Thuriaux-Aléman is located in our London office. He has over 16 years of consulting experience, with a primary focus on strategy, technology and innovation management, and due diligence. He has a particular focus on E&P energy projects. He holds [...]

Partner, United Kingdom

Nick White

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Bio: Nick White is the Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little's UK business, and is based in London. He has 35 years of experience in the oil & gas and electricity industries, during many of which he has served as a consultant. His primary focus areas are [...]

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