Issue 2, 2014

Radical Change for European Power Utilities

Stephen Rogers, Dr Matthias von Bechtolsheim, Nick White, David Borràs, Dr Robin Francis, Kirsty Ingham

The extensive disruption caused by the large-scale development of renewable power generation capacity in Europe continues to change the industry. For European power utilities the question is how they can react to these changes. In this piece the authors update a previous Prism article, examining specific sector trends in detail in order to identify future opportunities for utilities to respond to the fundamental changes currently underway. [...]

Issue 1, 2014

The birth of Neo-Petronationalism: a new emerging model

Paola Carvajal, Paolo R. Dutto, Agustin Gogorza, Rodolfo Guzman

In 2013 Mexico approved an ambitious energy reform that ended 70 years of Petronationalism. The country opened its market and now allows private and international investors to participate through a range of contracting models. The authors believe that a successful implementation of the Mexican energy reform will position Neo-Petronationalism as a new paradigm for certain countries that share similar conditions. What are the business opportunities, and who will be in the next wave? [...]

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