Corporate Finance

Goodwill Impairment Testing and Purchase Price Allocation for a European Incumbent Telecoms Operator

An assignment to value the key intangible and tangible assets of a mobile telecoms operator following its acquisition by our client [...]

Corporate Finance

Working Capital Release

An engagement to secure the release of working capital in the non-ferous metals industry [...]

Corporate Finance

Restructuring and Post Merger Integration for a European Airline

A project to identify a viable business within a failed European airline operator and then secure agreement with stakeholders for the implementation of that plan [...]

Corporate Finance

Commercial Due Diligence for Bidders for a Towers Infrastructure Business

A commercial due diligence project that required us to review a multi-business unit group in a condensed time period to support a US$2 billion transaction. [...]

Corporate Finance

Divestment Targeting and Transaction Support

A strategic business unit divestment assignment in the electronics industry that required us to provide support throughout the transaction process and led to us assisting with the following rationalisation of the remaining business [...]

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