Arthur D.Little’s corporate finance advisory services (CFAS) team provides independent, impartial and expert advice to ensure the good deals get done. We achieve this by leveraging our firm’s global strengths in dealing with strategy and organisational issues in technology-intensive industries.

How we can help

We can support you throughout the transaction process, including:

  • Helping prepare robust business plans that explain the full potential of a business
  • Undertaking business plan reviews (commercial due diligence and, in specific areas, technical due diligence) for vendors and acquirers.

We typically work with (rather than as) the investment banking corporate finance advisor to maximise our clients’ prospects for success.

Combined expertise

The CFAS team offers specific technical expertise in corporate finance areas including:

  • Valuation (for commercial and accounting purposes)
  • Strategic financial modelling
  • Acquisition targeting.

Following a successful transaction, we can co-ordinate support from within Arthur D. Little to ensure effective post-merger integration, to identify and realise synergies and to release working capital. With our industry-specific knowledge and business planning skills, we are also well placed to help financiers identify businesses’ defensible cash-generation potential in restructuring situations.

We support our clients throughout the transaction process by offering tailored services that build on our strategy consulting heritage. Typically our engagements involve one or more of the following activities:

Investment/divestment targeting and appraisal

Working with management, we identify the key criteria for target/purchaser selection based on the clients’ strategy and the dynamics of the target industry. Activities involve scanning for potential targets/purchasers, profiling and screening those entities and then performing more detailed analysis to identify potential synergies in support of valuation discussions.

Business plan creation for purchasers and vendors

We assist vendors and purchasers to develop quantified plans that reflect current industry conditions and target value growth opportunities. We assist our clients to communicate the opportunities effectively to ensure that good deals are completed to their maximum benefit.

Commercial due diligence

Business plan review for both sellers and buyers, giving our assessment of the ability of the organisation to deliver its financial forecasts based on our understanding of the demand and competitive conditions in targeted markets, the strength of the strategy set out by management and the resources to be used to support delivery. Our work focuses on the mid-term (rather than on forecasts for the current financial year) and is differentiated by our understanding of the commercial and technology environment and by our aim to provide a numerical assessment of identified risks and opportunities. We can also provide technical due diligence services in sectors where our strategy activities require us to have such operational expertise.


Our advice is sought in a variety of situations to assist with strategic decisions, in support of merger and acquisition negotiations, for accounts preparation (e.g. goodwill impairment testing), or in support of litigation. We employ the valuation techniques most appropriate to the specific situation, which may include multiple comparisons, discounted cash flow analysis and options pricing, with our work differentiated by our understanding of the economics of the underlying businesses.

Post-transaction support: post merger integration

Post-transaction activities to secure value are extremely complex to handle and can potentially frustrate top management, the investment community and - most importantly - the companies' employees, who have to take the role of integrators and change agents. To achieve long-term success, stringent leadership throughout the post-transaction process is essential, stressing each single issue carefully but pragmatically. With Arthur D. Little's long history of successfully supporting companies in mergers, acquisitions and alliances, we can help our clients to manage post-transaction integration activities to meet specific industry and company priorities.

Post-transaction support: working capital release

Working capital release can be an important generator of returns to owners or a source of funding for growth. We have experience in assisting companies, particularly those with multiple business units spread across many geographies, to identify opportunities to release cash and then successfully execute the working capital release plan.

Restructurings and work-outs

This entails assisting owners and management to identify opportunities so they can streamline businesses and stabilise cash flows. Activities include preparation and review of cashflow projections following market and operational reviews, support for restructuring, and assistance with divestment activities.

Strategic financial modeling

Arthur D. Little has developed a robust, flexible methodology to enable efficient development of financial models that reflect the underlying economics of the business in question. These skills are often employed to support both our corporate finance and our strategy assignments.

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