Automotive, GCAS UK, London - 31 July 2014

Arthur D. Little predicts future developments of automotive CO2

Despite the growing importance of automotive CO2 regulations, a uniform global approach to tackle the issue has not yet been developed. Countries have adopted different regulatory policies and implementation procedures, resulting in a high degree of complexity in the global landscape. In its new report, “The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge,” global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) predicts the future development of automotive CO2 up to 2020, and explains what steps OEMs should take to overcome future challenges. [...]

GCAS UK, London - 21 October 2008

Trading up: Sustainable businesses must prepare for post-2012 carbon trading strategies now

A new report by Arthur D. Little reveals how uncertainty over future carbon trading policy could leave companies exposed if they do not implement flexible strategies now to address the carbon challenge

Emissions trading has been described as the most economically efficient way to force carbon emission cuts, however, a new report released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns that uncertainty about the nature and scope of post-2012 global carbon trading policy has left businesses under-prepared for developing future carbon strategies that will leverage next-generation emissions trading opportunities. The report, "Carbon Futures", warns that despite the uncertain nature and scope of global, regional, and national emissions trading schemes post-2012, businesses across industry must take decisive action to address their future carbon trading and emission reduction now, or risk being caught unprepared and on the backfoot when the next generation of regulation and legislation takes effect. [...]

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