The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge

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Automotive, GCAS July 2014

The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge

2020 Regulatory Scenario for Passenger Cars

Oil dependency and climate change are topics highly debated by governments and communities, and as a consequence, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must define investments, control manufacturing costs and review their car portfolios constantly to cope with worldwide future challenges. To predict the future development of automotive CO2 regulations up to 2020, Arthur D. Little defined key trends and regulation stability in different countries. [...]

Carbon Futures

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GCAS October 2008

Carbon Futures

Ensuring maximised competitiveness post-2012

Carbon trading can have a significant influence on the bottom line and is here to stay. Its future, however, is uncertain and is driven by emerging legislation for the period after 2012. In the face of this uncertainty, what should executives responsible for investment outcomes post-2012 be doing now to ensure they maximise competitiveness and minimise risk? [...]

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