Global carbon advisory service

Consolidating some 40 years' experience in advising clients on the opportunities and risks in sustainability, climate change and the carbon agenda, the global carbon advisory service (GCAS) maintains the leading edge capabilities of the firm's global practices - both industry and functional.

We help manage the complexity and confusion surrounding carbon management debates driven by policy, consumers, supply chain etc. for both companies and investors by providing solutions that embrace the complexity and unlock value. We can pull together environmental, economic, policy drivers for carbon into [...]

Assessment of emission reductions projects within the UNFCCC JI framework. Challenge: A Portuguese carbon fund wished to acquire 20M€ of carbon credits from several emission reduction projects under development in Russia. ADL performed a technical due diligence on the projects under analysis (one nitrous oxide [...]

For an independent financial firm, we developed a “Carbon Winners” index. Challenge: ECPI, an independent financial firm, understands that emissions management will increasingly represent a source of competitive advantage for companies with significant carbon exposure. The client needed to select the best positioned [...]

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Viewpoints15 July 2014

The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge

2020 Regulatory Scenario for Passenger Cars

Oil dependency and climate change are topics highly debated by governments and communities, and as a consequence, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must define investments, control manufacturing costs and review their car portfolios [...]

Viewpoints21 October 2008

Carbon Futures

Ensuring maximised competitiveness post-2012

Carbon trading can have a significant influence on the bottom line and is here to stay. Its future, however, is uncertain and is driven by emerging legislation for the period after 2012. In the face of this uncertainty, what should [...]

Press Releases31 July 2014

Arthur D. Little predicts future developments of automotive CO2

Despite the growing importance of automotive CO2 regulations, a uniform global approach to tackle the issue has not yet been developed. Countries have adopted different regulatory policies and implementation procedures, resulting in a high [...]

Press Releases21 October 2008

Trading up: Sustainable businesses must prepare for post-2012 carbon trading strategies now

Emissions trading has been described as the most economically efficient way to force carbon emission cuts, however, a new report released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns that uncertainty about the nature and [...]