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Arthur D. Little and Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management Announce the Launch of a Multi-Client Study and Interactive On-Site Workshop


The New Economics of Innovation

An Exploration of Value Creation in the Global Innovation Economy

Benchmarking the new business models and best practices that leverage innovation to drive results.

The Innovation Economy is global, connected, and knowledge based.

There is a new economic model for innovation. It is an outcome of the ongoing redistribution of talent coupled with the high growth of emerging economies in a networked world. It impacts the way you execute innovation and technology development and how you are organized to do that. A well developed response can leverage the new economics of innovation and provide substantial opportunity for driving new value for your business. With the new model will come sustainable competitive advantage and significant profitable new revenue growth.

Global trends create new challenges to sustainable revenue growth and value creation.

No longer relegated to R&D organizations, innovation is now a highly leveraged business activity. It challenges you to function as an integrated team, keenly focused on your customer. But this is not enough. Your organization must become an active part of the global knowledge creation process. Your business models must embrace more open approaches to creating value with alliances and partnerships across markets, geographies, and cultures. Most importantly, you will need knowledge and understanding of the breadth of capital and resources that can be leveraged with your unique position and capabilities to maximize value creation.