New product introduction

Arthur D. Little improved the new product introduction (NPI) process and setup for a large international medical instrument provider.


After experiencing a string of disappointing new product introductions (NPIs) resulting in poor product quality, long time to market, and high frequency of engineering change orders, Arthur D. Little was assigned to assess and redesign the client’s NPI process.


To assess and redesign the NPI process, Arthur D. Little utilised a three-step approach:

  • Identification of relevant sample projects to be analysed in detail (operations, R&D, marketing involvement)
  • Assessment of selected projects, line organisation, and internal processes to determine root causes of inefficiencies
  • Development and prioritisation of improvement actions to be articulated and incorporated across the company

Arthur D. Little provided analyses focusing on operational issues, defining strategy, organisation, key performance indicators, etc. in order to better manage NPI.


Arthur D. Little provided recommendations to drive cross-functionality by integrating interfaces and deliverables across R&D and operations.  As a result of the recommendations, the client was able to increase product qualities and reduce its time to market.

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