Healthcare: many challenges ahead

The global healthcare industry has transformed dramatically over the last decade. Advances in molecular biology coupled with new federal guidelines bring increased complexity to health-related business.  Over the next decade, we will see changes even more dramatic than in the last.  We believe a number of key market drivers will continue to shape the future of healthcare:

  • Rising need for healthcare services – an aging population brings with it the challenge of maintaining quality of life against an increasing prevalence of conditions such as diabetes, cancer and obesity. 
  • Escalating cost pressures – the need for global cost containment is forcing pharmaceutical and medical technology firms to demonstrate value, creating demand for financial controls and operational efficiencies.   
  • Increasing technical advances – advances in molecular biology offer not only the potential of new therapies, possibly tailored to the individual, but also offer the potential for the rejuvenation of the healthcare industry through the development of new business models and strategies.

Despite enormous strides that have been made in informing our knowledge, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, the healthcare industry must balance the need for new and effective therapies while addressing ever-higher regulatory and cost pressures.

The challenges are enormous!  The world expects the healthcare industry to deliver more innovative and effective products – despite costly R&D processes – for less.  If ever there was a time for innovative thinking, that time is now.

How we can help

Arthur D. Little has an established history of leadership in helping clients bridge the gap between strategy, management, and technology innovation.  Our proven tools, techniques, and methodologies combined with industry expertise uniquely position us to help medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and associate businesses around the world.  Our qualified team members have significant capabilities and experience in working with companies that will shape the direction and future of R&D, marketing, and strategy for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, drug delivery, and fine chemicals.

Our services

We have worked with healthcare clients all over the world to develop solutions that deliver value – from boardroom to bedside.

At Arthur D. Little, we help medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and associate businesses master complex challenges in rapidly changing situations, often under very demanding market, economic, competitive, and technology conditions.  Our deep industry knowledge combined with creative thinking enables us to work with our clients in harnessing innovation to overcome their most difficult strategic challenges.

Corporate strategy

A company’s vision provides employees with a common goal.  It points everyone in the right direction and determines a clear strategy, which is fundamental to business success. At Arthur D. Little, we work with our clients to define their ambitions in concrete terms and to develop strategic plans for achieving these goals.We work with our clients in developing strategies that enhance the value of their products and franchises, whether in infancy, growth phase, or maturity. Our services include:

  • Corporate and business unit strategy
  • R&D strategy development
  • Market entry strategy
  • Franchise strategy development
  • New business development
  • Product launch and marketing strategy
  • Strategic alliances and partnering

Performance improvement

To realise its potential and improve performance, a business must identify and diagnose the source of weakness.  Once the weakness has been mitigated, the company must align its operations with its strategies, optimise its processes and manage required changes.  Improving performance and realizing potential requires corporate commitment as well as an innovative approach to the process.

Arthur D. Little helps clients to do just that, by combining its in-depth industry expertise and world-class thought leadership to support the transformation of organisations from within.  Our experienced teams offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Business process optimisation
  • Organisational and resource planning and design
  • Post-merger integration
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Complexity and change management
  • Knowledge management
  • Benchmarking
  • Pilot and full implementation

Technology and innovation management

When assessing and setting R&D priorities, companies must build the necessary organisational structure and processes and launch appropriate cultural change in order to grow and profit from their technology investments.  To enable our clients’ success, we apply our industry expertise in medical and pharmaceutical technologies and markets with unique innovation management tools and models.

We help our clients understand the true value of their technology portfolios.  We advise them on what to acquire, accelerate, maintain or divest. We partner with them in the creation of innovative products and services helping them move new ideas into the pipeline within budget and set timescales, by offering:

  • Technology and innovation strategy and planning
  • R&D process optimisation and commercialisation
  • Product and technology portfolio management
  • Technology forecasting and valuation
  • Innovation process excellence

Opportunity assessment

To compete successfully in the healthcare market, companies must be prepared to fill their development pipeline with innovative technologies while maintaining strict market focus. Arthur D. Little has extensive experience in working with clients to identify, characterize, and evaluate opportunities. Whether these opportunities are new markets, technologies, partnerships, or acquisitions, we provide holistic, fact-based, objective assessments. We perform work in the areas of:

  • Market analysis and evaluation
  • Technology assessment, characterisation, and evaluation
  • Scenario forecasting
  • Mergers and acquisitions analysis and support
  • Joint venture structuring
  • Investment analysis
  • Enterprise and intellectual property valuation and services

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