Healthcare: many challenges ahead

The healthcare industry is increasingly becoming resource-constrained.  A new generation of products and technological advances are making it challenging for companies to seek out the right investment opportunities for their businesses, investment opportunities that satisfy both societal and shareholder needs. At Arthur D. Little, we help clients realise the full value of their medical innovations by leveraging our team’s talent and industry expertise in a way that challenges traditional thinking but leads to solutions that are competitive and sustainable.

When assessing and setting R&D priorities, companies must build the necessary organizational structure and processes and launch appropriate cultural change in order to grow and profit from their technology investments. To enable our clients’ success, we apply our industry expertise in medical and pharmaceutical [...]

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Viewpoints31 October 2017

The advent of consumer owned genetic profiles

Personal genetic services due for explosive growth

Access to genetic information is becoming critical to the effectiveness of a new wave of medical treatments that are becoming available now. [...]

Viewpoints20 October 2017

Seizing the digital opportunities in pharma

Preparing your organization and monetizing the digital technologies

Digitalization in healthcare is booming, and creates unprecedented opportunities to further improve health standards and accessibility. Still, large pharma companies are confronted with the challenge of selecting, funding and developing [...]

Viewpoints17 March 2017

Funding lower-priority clinical trials

Exploring a new mechanism to fund the timely execution of deprioritized trials

Introduction: Some biopharma companies have built pipelines that offer more development opportunities than their resources allow them to pursue. Promising clinical trials may be moved down the priority list and their execution delayed - [...]

Viewpoints27 January 2017

Building the Smart Hospital Agenda

A comprehensive approach for Hospitals executives to develop their Smart Hospital Strategy and Implementation program

A number of factors have been contributing to a rapid change in care delivery models world-wide. Increasing cost of care, need to improve access to care, inherent complexity in treatment options and increasing involvement of patients in [...]