Executive Roundtable: Future of Operations
Executive Roundtable: Future of Operations
Telecoms & Media executive breakfast event
America First: carbon emissions go last?
The Digital Century: where is value headed in the digital space?
A perspective on the Iranian upstream oil & gas industry
Creating a Gigabit Society
Funding lower-priority clinical trials
Unconventional hydrocarbons in Latin America

Executive Roundtable: Future of Operations

Exploiting the potential of new technology and Industry 4.0

The nature of operations was in the past decades due to a constant change and is gaining currently more speed than ever. The evolvement of Industry 4.0 and the high scale availability of new technologies such as augmented reality devices and blockchain payments is triggering the accelerated change in industrial value chains. [...]

No one can be in any doubt that the role of the customer has changed significantly with the advent of digitalization. In the next few years something like 65% of the global population are expected to be connected to the internet through mobile. In this issue of Arthur D. Little Prism we focus especially on the role of the customer [...]

Digital future of electrical networks

Digital transformation is one of the most important changes the utilities industry faces these days. This transformation is not limited to changing how companies interact with their clients, but also impacts the way they operate internally, as well as where and how value is created. [...]

Telecom retail & consumer protection

Telecom players dedicate significant resources to complying with retail & consumer protection (RCP) regulation, having created complex horizontal processes and tools spanning several departments. Despite this, the complexity of the subject and the continuous flow of new rules often translate into unwise actions (eventually punished by regulatory institutions). [...]

Future Telco Production Model

NFV and SDN technologies are emerging as enablers of new flexible production architectures that will drive major innovation and operational efficiencies for carriers. [...]

Race to Gigabit Fiber

Fiber investments have become more common now than at any point in the past. The number of countries with more than 95% fiber coverage has increased from just one (in 2012) to seven (in 2016). [...]

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