UK | FT Energy Source | 11 February 2010

Another carbon index shows industry remains keen

Full page write-up following the Global Carbon Equity Index launch announcement. This includes a quote from Davide Vassallo.

France | L'usine Nouvelle | 04 February 2010

Sanofi Aventis has laid off part of its R&D Staff

Fourteen months after the arrival of its new managing director, Sanofi Aventis has started the transformation of its research models. One of the challenges of these models is to master its complexity: Frederic Thomas, Associate Director at Arthur D Little brings up an important question: how to coordinate all this and who will make the decision at global level to continue or abortp a project.

Germany | Focus Money | 03 February 2010

Why do we fly?

The international aviation industry expects to lose $5.6bn in 2010. Rising operational costs and current overcapacities are seen as the major problems. There are still too many airlines in the market. Governments often fund their national airlines so that natural shake-outs don’t work. This is one of the results of a recent survey by Arthur D. Little.

Germany | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 02 February 2010

Internet-economy expects upswing

A recent study by Arthur D. Little on the German internet economy shows that German internet companies have a positive outlook on the future: "Their growth will continue in the near future" forecasts Juergen Morath from ADL who coordinated the study with the ‘association of German Internet-Economy'. "Whereas online-retailers will still grow, those who provide the infrastructure will face problems keeping to their margins", foresees the expert.

Germany | Handelsblatt | 02 February 2010

Airlines becoming ever more alike

The business models of the airline industry are fast getting ever more alike as a result of the crisis in the aviation industry and in conjunction', i.e. charging for some services that were formerly included is 'en vogue'. "When it comes to costs though, there is still a tremendous difference between budget airlines and the traditional players", comments Nathan Zielke, Arthur D. Little’s leader of their Aviation Competence Center

UK | The Times | 02 February 2010

News in brief: High hopes for carbon index

A short article in this UK national paper announces the launch of Arthur D. Little’s Global Carbon Equity Index. The article includes a quote from Davide Vassallo.

Italy | Corriere Economia | 01 February 2010

The greenhouse effect is measured on the list

Full page feature article on Arthur D. Little’s Global Carbon Equity Index that includes an interview quote from Davide Vassallo.

UK | Management Consultant International | 01 February 2010

Consulting Challenge

Westernising Soviet Bloc Businesses

Dean Brabec is quoted in an article that discusses upcoming trends coming out of the former Soviet bloc from a consulting perspective.

Germany | Welt | 28 January 2010

Publishers propel paid content offers

The German internet economy is about to grow even further: A recent ADL study in cooperation with the Association of the German Internet-Economy underlines this trend. "Eventually, publishers want to make money with a new business model" comments Juergen Morath from ADL. The model directs to hybrid offers, combining free and paid content.

Germany | Manager Magazin Online | 27 January 2010

Internet economy expects massive growth

In 2008 the internet economy in Germany generated a total turnover of more than 45 Billion Euro. "This growth will continue" predicts Juergen Morath from ADL who coordinated the study in cooperation with the Association of German Internet-Economy. One of the main boosters of this trend is the online advertising industry with a 25 percent increase in sales in 2008.

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