Germany | Welt | 25 September 2009

Chinese prepare to attack

The development of Chinese automobile-manufacturers from local to global suppliers is based on a sophisticated strategy, says Marc Winterhoff, Director and leader of the Automotive Practice at Arthur D. Little.First and foremost they schedule to become market leaders in their own country, then appear on the emerging markets with a focus on lower price segments. Finally the Chinese will gather further experience in the medium automobile classes in order to attack the established markets.

Italy | L'Atelier | 25 September 2009

Industries: les Entreprises doivent intégrer la technologie à un business model vert

Taking into account environmental issues is no longer an option for companies, who need to adapt their operations immediately. Web 2.0 and mobile solutions will facilitate this task. "Thanks to new technologies", explains Davide Vassallo, Director S&R at Arthur D. Little," industrial companies will be able to develop a business model more focused on services than on products. However, envisaging a change only based on technology will not be sufficient: a strong and committed leadership capable of involving all staff will be the key driver of change."

Spain | El Economista | 24 September 2009

Arthur D. Little about CO2 emissions

This article explains Arthur D. Little has divulged an article about Energy & Sustainability urging companies worldwide to consider their CO2 emissions control in their long term growth plans. It also states, Arthur D. Little advises companies to work earnestly in sustainability strategies to guarantee their own survival.

Spain | Expansion | 24 September 2009

Wind behind in the U.S. and China

This article explains the remarkable growth objectives the U.S. and China do have in wind power generation and how Spanish companies can benefit from them.         The article emphasizes the advantages wind power generation does have: profitability, innovation degree, energy dependence & CO2 emission reduction and institutional support. Jesús Ruiz, Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Sustainability Practice Director in Spain, states he shares this statements but points out that wind power generation's profitability leans on public subsidies worldwide, and proposes a change in its retribution system.

Germany | Handelsblatt | 17 September 2009

The biologization of the world

There is still little importance in white or industrial biotechnology compared to medical biotechnology. A recent Arthur D. Little study come to the conclusion that the industrial proportion in chemical sales in 2007 has merely been three to four per cent, what corresponds to a volume of 50 to 75 billion US-Dollar. In 2020 the proportion is expected to soar up to one third turning over an amount of 300 billion US-Dollar within this segment of the biotech-industry.

Germany | Financial Times Deutschland | 17 September 2009

Air-traffic control

German Lufthansa vice president Christoph Franz intends to cut spending budgets by 2011: about one billion Euro are to be saved by optimizing structures, projects, products and processes. In doing so, he wants to skip any advice from external experts, with one exception: Arthur D. Little is supposed to work for the aviation company regarding issues of purchase.

Germany | Handelsblatt | 16 September 2009

The aviation-crisis gets worse

The international aviation industry anticipates losses as high as eleven billion US-Dollar for 2009. Particularly the premium-segments-sales are still under pressure. Though the proportion of premium customers will rise again after the recession, it will be far from reaching former levels of the economy, states Ralf Baron, Leader of the ‘travel and transportation’ team at Arthur D. Little.

Czech Republic | PRO Energy | 15 September 2009

Fall of the Moravia Energo company

In this article, Dean Brabec from Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Utilities Practice answers among others, the following questions: Did the fall of the Moravia Energo company come out of the blue? Was it possible to predict the situation, or even to prevent it? Where to look for the main causes of Moravia Energo's collapse? What impact did the company's demise have on other market players? Can a similar situation repeat itself, and how can we prevent it? 

Germany | Wirtschaftswoche, Future-Energy-supplement | 14 September 2009

The three steps to Energy plans of the future

The German Industry spends 45 per cent of expenditures on material costs, but less than 20 per cent on labour costs. German companies pay about 500 billion Euro for metals, plastics and raw materials each year. The modernisation of production assets could save up to 100 billion Euro, concludes a new study performed by Arthur D. Little in cooperation with the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and Fraunhofer Institute.

Spain | Expansión | 11 September 2009

Android's landing on the mobile arena

The author analyzes how and why Android (Google's mobile operating system) has not reached its sales targets in the first months after its launch. Juan Vera, Principal from Arthur D. Little’s TIME Practice in Spain, was interviewed on the issue and explained the opportunity Android means for smartphones which do not have their legacy OS (that is every smartphone but for iphone, Blackberry and Nokia),the fierce competition Googles's OS will find from Windows Mobile and the main strengths of each player.

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