Sustainability & Risk | The C Suite | 07 December 2016

Road Safety Risk Management and Corporate Reputation

With more than one-quarter of the 1.25 million deaths on the road each year attributable to work-related driving, the threat posed to sustainable business performance due to confining safety risk management to on-site activities is clear. As defensive driver training and driver-monitoring technologies become more mainstream, leading global companies are now taking the significant step of managing all off-site transportation safety risks throughout their own operations and across their chains. In this article, Marcus Beard and Guillaume Rominger at Arthur D. Little, discuss while such a step may increase the scope of harm to be addressed by an order of magnitude over that of on-site risks, reducing road transport-related fatalities and injuries throughout the supply chain can strengthen corporate reputation and deliver tangible benefits to business performance.

Sustainability & Risk | UK Construction | 22 December 2015

Detection and prevention of risk from third parties

Companies in many sectors – particularly construction, infrastructure operation, energy and telecoms – interact with a large number of third parties, including their customers, partners, suppliers and commercial agents. A company may have an economic relationship with thousands of third parties each year and potential relationships with more than three times those selected in the same period. In some sectors – particularly construction – companies can critically depend on third parties. It is not unusual for over 90% of any given contract value to be passed on to these third parties. In this article, Stephen Watson and Javier Serra from Arthur D. Little, discuss the types of risk and potential impact that these third parties can bring.

Sustainability & Risk UK | Guardian Sustainable Business | 20 January 2011

Demystifying sustainability for the board

A contributed article from David Lyon and Rick Eagar discusses ideas from the firm’s recent publication, The Board’s Sustainability Handbook. The article discusses how the board is responsible for ‘adding value’ to its company, yet this phrase is now used in a broader sense that goes past financial results. The authors’ view sustainable business to be at the core of initiatives that add value to a company. Integrity, innovation and understanding the broader picture are all key to a business’s sustainability. Contact details for a copy of the book are included at the bottom of the article.

Sustainability & Risk UK | | 18 January 2011

What Every Business Leader Needs to Know About Sustainability

This article is on Arthur D. Little’s ‘The Board’s Sustainability Handbook’. The piece outlines the importance of sustainability for business leaders, quoting ideas from within the book. It goes on to list the chapter headings and outlining the full content. The piece also directs the reader to Arthur D. Little’s website for further information.

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