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Truth behind the ‘vainies, brainies and Bainies’ labels

This article discusses the consulting business and different methods of the consulting industry's founding fathers. Arthur Dehon Little is mentioned as the founder of Arthur D. Little, one of the first strategy consulting firms, in 1909. He was a chemist who taught papermaking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He specialized in technical research and "management engineering", and conducted analytical studies, the precursor of the consulting studies for which his firm would later become famous. Each challenge, he believed, demanded a unique solution.

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A new self-understanding in consulting business

Dr. Fabian Dömer, Managing Partner Central Europe at Arthur D. Little, assessed the most important criteria for a successful collaboration between companies and consultants. The most important criteria are mutual trust, openness and real willingness to change. Companies are affected by the high dynamics of change and complexity in their ecosystems. Therefore, it is more important than ever to detect changes in the competitive environment early and anticipate technological innovations. As external observers, consultants can see a more coherent picture of the overall situation, which can be used by companies for further development.

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New consulting-fields

According to the German Federal Association of Management Consultants, the industry’s turnover will grow tremendously in 2012.  Some new consulting fields have also emerged which will enable further growth. Fabian Dömer, Manging Partner ?? at Arthur D. Little in Germany said : ‘’For some of our customers, smartization and agilization of their services and products are becoming more and more important.’’

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Consultants love freedom

Consultants like corporations, but only as customers as they prefer being independent. Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consultancy, is back in the hands of its partners. The partner team bought all the shares from the French technology consulting giant Altran, which acquired Arthur D. Little in 2002. Fabian Dömer, Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little in Germany said: „All our partners believe in our company. If the business prospects were bad, we would not invest.“

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