Technology & Innovation Management | Customer Experience Magazine | 24 December 2015

Transformational Leadership is the Key to Embracing Digitalization

From logistics and manufacturing to consumer goods and entertainment, every major industry is grappling to respond to the realities of an on-demand, personalized digital economy. Despite CEOs and strategists working around the clock to realign their business development to embrace digitalization, a new global study from Arthur D. Little reveals that the majority of corporations still underestimate the risks of failing to keep pace with a rapidly digitizing economy, and feel ill-equipped to make a holistic digital transformation. In this article, the results of Arthur D. Little’s Digital Transformation Index are revealed.

Technology & Innovation Management | Consulting.UK | 22 December 2015

80% of firms face lagging digital transformation maturity

Eight out of ten companies are lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation, and are executing reactive, rather than active, digital strategies. A lack of knowledge and sense of urgency are seen as the biggest obstacles to digital transformation and transformational leadership is the key to embracing digitalisation. This article discusses Arthur D. Little’s recently released ‘Digital Transformation – How to Become Digital Leader’ report which researches the digital maturity of more than 100 European companies from seven industries.

Sustainability & Risk | UK Construction | 22 December 2015

Detection and prevention of risk from third parties

Companies in many sectors – particularly construction, infrastructure operation, energy and telecoms – interact with a large number of third parties, including their customers, partners, suppliers and commercial agents. A company may have an economic relationship with thousands of third parties each year and potential relationships with more than three times those selected in the same period. In some sectors – particularly construction – companies can critically depend on third parties. It is not unusual for over 90% of any given contract value to be passed on to these third parties. In this article, Stephen Watson and Javier Serra from Arthur D. Little, discuss the types of risk and potential impact that these third parties can bring.

Energy & Utilities | Renewable Energy Focus | 21 December 2015

Managing and creating value from third

party risk

 With major construction and infrastructure development companies, including those in the renewable energy sector, increasingly expanding their footprints into countries far from their home markets, Stephen Watson and Javier Serra from Arthur D. Little give some essential advice for successfully managing third-party risk.

Automotive | Motor Industry Magazine | 15 November 2015

An Alternative Impact

What effects will the diesel scandal have on the future of automotive mobility? Short-term effects are hard to predict and will probably vary by region, but the long-term effect is clear: all powertrain concepts will be literally put on the public test stand. In this article, Klaus Schmitz, Partner at Arthur D. Little, speculates on whether the diesel furore will have a tangible impact on the public's feelings towards alternative powertrains.

Corporate UK | The Financial Times | 09 November 2015

Truth behind the ‘vainies, brainies and Bainies’ labels

This article discusses the consulting business and different methods of the consulting industry's founding fathers. Arthur Dehon Little is mentioned as the founder of Arthur D. Little, one of the first strategy consulting firms, in 1909. He was a chemist who taught papermaking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He specialized in technical research and "management engineering", and conducted analytical studies, the precursor of the consulting studies for which his firm would later become famous. Each challenge, he believed, demanded a unique solution.

Travel & Transportation USA | Airport Appeal | 01 November 2015

Air Transport World

More than 50% of global air traffic today travels through privatized or commercialized airports. Roughly half of that traffic travels through airports that are stock exchange listed, while the remaining half are privatized but not listed. This article discusses why Arthur D. Little believes that airports are becoming a huge industry and how the domination of public companies is coming to an end.

Healthcare UK | Pharmaceutical Market Europe | 27 October 2015

Adapting to the digital consumer

This feature article is adapted from Arthur D. Little’s recent Viewpoint on ‘Embracing the Consumer Health Opportunity. Today’s technological landscape is completely different from the recent past. New generations of consumers use mobile technology as a natural extension of themselves. New technology is leading to changes in consumption patterns – in the retail world the role of the traditional store is changing as online and mobile shopping become more prevalent and different consumption modes overlap. Today’s consumers want the ability to buy when and where they want. Players in all areas of the healthcare industry can get ahead by adapting to the digital consumer.

Technology & Innovation Management UK | | 27 October 2015

Rick Eagar Chief Innovation Officer of Arthur D. Little

This online feature is about the appointment of Rick Eagar as Arthur D. Little’s first ever Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). Rick Eagar has over 26 years of experience in consulting and has been a Director and Partner at Arthur D. Little for more than 18 years, focusing on technology and innovation management for clients across a range of industries. In his new role, he will work with the firm’s leaders and experts across the globe to develop the next generation of innovative and impactful client offerings. In addition to his CIO role, Eagar has also been named global head of the TIM Practice, one of Arthur D. Little’s eight functional Practices. Other management team members of the TIM unit are Carl Bate and Greg Smith (UK), John Brennan (US), Fabian Dömer and Volker Pfirsching (Germany), Yusuke Harada (Japan), Michael Kolk (Netherlands), Frederik van Oene (Belgium) and Daniel Roos (Sweden).

TIME UK | | 21 October 2015

Re-thinking relationship between telcos and start-ups

This online feature article is adapted from Arthur D. Little’s recent Viewpoint: ‘Telecom operators: Open Innovation with start-ups.’ As disruptions rock the corporate world, Open Innovation has taken off, yet for telecom operators difficulties remain finding, scaling and sustaining valuable relations. Telcos need to show their hand to start-ups in terms of pitching what they can offer, from piloting fast-paced ideas to scale development. For collaboration relationships to be successful however, a good fit needs to be found in the initial meeting – requiring clear strategic planning, governance and internal processes and resources from telcos for any future collaboration with a good fitting start-up.

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