TIME UK | Comms Business | 01 September 2013

What Should We Expect From 4G Networks?

Comms Business Magazine asks Didier Levy, Arthur D. Little’s Telecommunications, IT Media and Electronics Director, what operators can expect from 4G Networks. Levy suggests 4G will not be a silver bullet for industry pricing power or revenues, and operators must implement five key strategies to benefit properly from the rollout. These include monetising data, innovating in services, reducing costs, optimising network use, and network sharing. These recommendations follow the release of the 2013 Exane and Arthur D. Little report on 4G earlier this year.

Technology & Innovation Management UK | Future of Business | 29 August 2013

Why the future of business innovation may have a greater return on investment focus

Business analysts look to Arthur D. Little’s 8th Global Innovation Survey for clues on the future of investment in innovation. In their Future of Business blog, Roger Trap and John Orwid present a streamlined version of the report examining the link between innovation and performance and the effectiveness of radical business models.

Risk UK | Outsource Magazine | 29 August 2013

Agile safety: how to transform safety assurance

Senior Arthur D. Little employees James Catmur, John Barker and Charles Boulton discuss how ‘agile’ concepts are being used to improve corporate efficiency without compromising safety and risk management. ‘Agile’ solutions place the emphasis back on business aims, preventing adherence to a linear process from becoming an aim in itself. Using a detailed model of Agile Options they address both the challenges presented by this concept and the way forward. To be successful in the long run, they argue that companies will need to demonstrate to stakeholders that the results achieved with agile solutions can match up to traditional approaches. There is still some way to go before stakeholders can be convinced, but the early signs are promising.

Consumer Goods UK | Supply Chain Digital | 28 August 2013

Integrating Quality Management into the Value Chain

Tom Becker, Veit Butterlin and Carsten Kahner of Arthur D. Little outline how companies can integrate quality management into the value chain. Product and service quality have never been more important in today’s world of globalisation, expanding consumer rights, and customer expectations. Quality management is evolving into a three stage process: Assurance, Empowerment and Consumer Delight. These respectively cover minimising defects, encouraging a company-wide holistic approach to quality management, and using quality management as a facilitator between Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing and R&D. Companies must embrace these new concepts now that quality is no longer a policeman but a business partner.

Automotive Germany | Handelsblatt online | 27 August 2013

The big problems of the car manufacturers

The problems Car manufacturers are currently facing up to are massive. For the international automotive show (IAA) Arthur D. Little has formulated the seven greatest challenges for car manufacturers – and provides approaches for solutions. These include integrated mobility models and new market and technology strategies in the area of e-mobility, such as costumer oriented product concepts and innovative business models. Furthermore, Arthur D. Little asserts that the role and importance of quality management and costumer experience management will change and that premium manufactures need sales model innovation to push their growth ambitions

TIME Austria | Wirtschaftsblatt | 20 August 2013

Haggling around raw material for mobile communications

LTE, the fourth generation of mobile communications, is to be auctioned and telecommunication experts say that the three-stage procedure will set the course for mobile communications for the next 20 years. Karim Taga, Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little Austria, said that new opportunities are emerging for start-ups. The lowest bid of 526 million euro has deterred operators from acquiring new frequency and investing in their own networks. “Currently only A1, T-Mobile and 3 will participate in the auction", says Karim Taga.

Automotive Germany | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 17 August 2013

Future traffic

To keep the intersections of car traffic in large cities from collapsing, a second floor should be established in the future: flying cars, bridge coaches, cable railways and new trains on stilts should relieve streets. The American company Terrafugia already develops prototypes and wants to deliver its first units of flying cars in 2015. An important driver to realize the flying car is the use of venture capital – so far venture capital funds have invested 6 Million Dollars on the project: “Unlike with some state-financed projects, venture capital pushes the development of this future traffic vision”, says  management consultant Oleksii Korniichuk from Arthur D. Little.

Travel & Transportation UK | The Wall Street Journal Europe | 07 August 2013

Middle East Cities Vie for Biggest and Best Airport

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha (Quatar) have ambitious plans to become the most important international hubs until 2040. With good reason: two-third of the world's population lie within an eight hours flight. The race is on and all three are pouring billions of Dollars into these projects. But they don't focus on runways only as plans always include shopping centers, business districts and apartments. Remains the question if they are building too much supply? "Not everyone can be as successful as they are expecting," says Mathieu Blondel aviation specialist at Arthur D. Little about the race between the three cities.

Automotive UK | | 07 August 2013

New Arthur D Little report addresses premium brands’ battle for sales

With all three German vehicle manufacturers aiming to become the market leader in the premium sector by 2020, Arthur D. Little has produced a new report focused on strategies for excellence. ADL predicts the growth ambitions of premium German carmakers will become a fierce rivalry, jeopardising shares. ‘Besides the offered products, the main differentiator and prerequisite to success is an advanced sales model,’ stated ADL Automotive and Manufacturing Group Director Dr Andreas Gissler.

Travel & Transportation UK | The Wall Street Journal | 06 August 2013

For Middle East Airports, Sky is the Limit

Ambitious air travel expansion plans in the Middle East are fraught with risk as well as reward, writes Elliot Brown and Rory Jones at The Wall Street Journal. The race to develop the dominant luxury airport complex in the Persian Gulf has seen billions of dollars in Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai invested alongside government funds. But consultancy firm Arthur D. Little suggests supply may end up outstripping demand. “Not everyone can be as successful as they are expecting” commented aviation specialist Mathieu Blondel. “Total traffic between Europe and Asia – the main route targeted by three cities – is only set to rise by more than 120 million passengers annually by 2031, well short of the new capacity planned.”

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