Travel & Transportation UK | Modern Railways | 01 April 2012

Unintended consequences

An article about how Britain’s railways are full of contradictions. The article states that track workers often don’t report incidents because they know the pain it will cause. Arthur D. Little is mentioned for its report for McNulty which estimates up to £600million could be saved from the Railway Safety Industry.

Corporate Germany | Financial Times Deutschland | 26 March 2012

New consulting-fields

According to the German Federal Association of Management Consultants, the industry’s turnover will grow tremendously in 2012.  Some new consulting fields have also emerged which will enable further growth. Fabian Dömer, Manging Partner ?? at Arthur D. Little in Germany said : ‘’For some of our customers, smartization and agilization of their services and products are becoming more and more important.’’

Energy & Utilities UK | Utility Week | 09 March 2012

Atomic numbers: doing the sums highlights the potential bottlenecks in staffing Europe’s nuclear revival

An article written by Michael Kruse, Principal at Arthur D. Little and Julia Heizinger, Consultant at Arthur D. Little about labour issues in the nuclear industry. The article states that despite Fukushima, the nuclear renaissance is continuing and research shows that about 39 countries are planning and willing to implement a new nuclear programme.

Automotive, TIME UK | Fleet World | 07 March 2012

ADL publishes e-Mobility guide for OEM’s

An article about Arthur D. Little’s latest viewpoint: ‘The Connected Car’. The article outlines how OEMs must create the framework today to overcome start-up hurdles and achieve competitive advantage in a saturated market.  Andreas Gissler, Director for the Automotive, Manufacturing and Mobility Group at Arthur D. Little, is quoted saying that OEMs are in a real dilemma because there’s a need for action to fulfil the requirements of the ecosystem on connected vehicles; however there are no existing market models that have been successfully applied.

Automotive UK | The Financial Times | 27 February 2012

Drive to keep the industry moving

An article about Bill Ford calling for a unified effort between carmakers, government and mobile technology companies to work together to avoid what he calls “a potential future of crippling congestion.” Arthur D. Little is mentioned for its report on “The Future of Urban Mobility” and is quoted as saying “About 3.5bn people currently live in urban areas. By 2050, the proportion will reach 70 per cent of the population, or 6.3bn people.”

Energy & Utilities UK | Power Engineering International | 15 February 2012

Germany eyes energy efficiency after its nuclear withdrawal

An article about how Germany’s deepening reliance on fluctuating renewables raises the urgency of cutting power consumption. Dr. Matthias von Bechtolsheim, Head of Energy Practice Central Europe for Arthur D. Little, is quoted as saying Germany is expected to become dependent on imported power, as German baseload capacity will be short since operators cannot expect full-load hours and prices due to the significant increase of mostly volatile renewables.

Energy & Utilities Germany | Handelsblatt | 09 February 2012

Dismantling of nuclear plants expensive for EU

A recent report from the European Court of Auditors has revealed that the dismantling of obsolete nuclear power plants with EU-funds has become increasingly expensive..However,  a complete industry which benefits  the European economy has emerged due to the complexity of the decommissioning. Arthur D. Little consultants calculated that Germany’s exit from nuclear power will cost about 18 Billion Euro – excluding the costs for final disposal which hasn’t been technically solved yet.

UK | The Chemical Engineer | 01 February 2012

Little voted most influential engineer

Arthur D. Little has been voted the most influential chemical engineer in the 2011 round of TCE’s series: Chemical Engineers who Changed the World, winning 30% of the vote. Best known for the consultancy he founded, Arthur D. Little is also known for popularizing the concept of unit operations; the realization that if you break down industrial operations into their constituent parts, many processes use exactly the same units of operation. 

UK | | 05 January 2012

Arthur D. Little returns to global partnership after MBO

Arthur D. Little successfully completed its Management Buy-Out (MBO) with Altran Technologies on 30th December 2011. In its 125th anniversary year, the world’s first management consulting firm has once again become a Global Private Partnership, with 100% of the ownership of the company now held by its Partners.

Corporate Germany | Handelsblatt | 03 January 2012

Consultants love freedom

Consultants like corporations, but only as customers as they prefer being independent. Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consultancy, is back in the hands of its partners. The partner team bought all the shares from the French technology consulting giant Altran, which acquired Arthur D. Little in 2002. Fabian Dömer, Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little in Germany said: „All our partners believe in our company. If the business prospects were bad, we would not invest.“

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