Travel & Transportation UK | Bloomberg Business Week | 06 December 2010

Krones, Lufthansa, Metro, Postbank, RWE: German Equity Preview

This article discusses companies whose share price changes are unusual in Germany. The article pays mention to a larger piece in Germany’s WirtschaftsWoche that cites a recent aerospace study by Arthur D. Little.

Energy & Utilities UK | Management Consultant International | 01 December 2010

New Business Case Driven by Technology and Regulations

Matthias von Bechtolsheim was interviewed for a special market report on the utilities industry. Matthias states that the industry has witnessed a shift change and is now driven by technology and innovation. Much of the consulting activity in this sector is driven by the big investment wave underway in the electric utility sector. The article spans four pages in total.

Automotive France | Le Nouvel Economiste | 01 December 2010

Cars in terms of High Technology, horsepower, aesthetics and now sustainable development

As a result of the economic crisis, the automotive industry sector has been going through a complete restructuring process. Not only do consumers want a beautiful car but they also wish to have a powerful, high-tech and eco-friendly vehicle.
In an Arthur D. Little study entitled “CO2 for Automotive” from 2007, these environment changes were discussed. OEMs took these expectations into account and companies, such as Mercedes or Ferrari, achieved a double-digit sales growth in 2010.

Energy & Utilities UK | ICIS Heren | 23 November 2010

Power – Nuclear lobby campaigns to ensure sector viability

This article discusses the UK’s nuclear lobby and its influence over the government’s electricity market reform process. Energy companies behind the UK’s new build programme have campaigned to ensure that a new fleet is economically viable. Following an interview with Michael Kruse on the nuclear new build issue, Michael is extensively quoted in relation to Arthur D. Little’s latest white paper on the topic. Michael believes that “actual plants” in the UK will “be online in 2023-2024” rather than the expected 2020 deadline.

TIME Germany | Sueddeutsche Zeitung | 18 November 2010

Paying with your mobile

Throughout the world, payments with mobile phones becomes more and more attractive. Nonetheless, Germany lags behind this development. A recent Arthur D. Little study estimates a 7.2 Billion Euro transaction-potential by 2014. "For further growth, the advantages of this technology need to be explained to customers and businesses alike" says Klaus von den Hoff, global Practice-leader at Arthur D. Little.

Automotive Germany | Automobilwoche | 15 November 2010

Bad recommendation

When it comes to captive insurances, Germany’s large car manufacturers feature quite a large backlog. The extension of additional aftersales-services would be of great importance in order to tap further revenues. However, there are only a few licensed dealers capable of selling the respective captive insurances to privat buyers or business customers. "Thereby, the licensed dealers do not make use of the potential, because combined offers for insurances, leasing and finance products can be very attractive not only for customers looking for a new car but also for buyers of used cars", says Dr. Andreas Gissler, Automotive-expert at Arthur D. Little.

Energy & Utilities UK | Financial Times | 01 November 2010

Energy Supplement – Investors aim to profit from US experience

In a special printed report on the latest energy issues/topics Sheila McNulty discusses the partnerships between US small gas producers and foreigners and how they have led to billions of dollars worth of investments. The article includes a short quote from Joe Coote following an interview with the reporter.

Chemicals UK | | 29 October 2010

Shale gas extraction: Investors aim to profit from US experience

Sheila McNulty from the FT discusses the issue of US gas producers partnering with foreigners to join their drilling programmes on US shale fields. The article puts forward the notion that the US government should provide incentives for domestic companies to use gas to replace dirtier coal in power plants. Joe Coote is quoted as saying this is a “tremendous resource for the nation.”

Strategy & Organization UK | Computer Weekly | 29 October 2010

White Paper: Manage IT as a competitive weapon

This leading technology publication reviews Arthur D. Little and Volvo’s joint white paper on the need for board executives to see IT as a competitive weapon and recognise the importance of making the right IT investment choices. The piece includes an image of the white paper and a download button to access the full report from Arthur D. Little’s website.

Automotive Germany | Automobilwoche | 18 October 2010

Fight for the fleet market

Regarding the after-sales market, OEM’s turnover seems to melt - particularly independent service networks as they try to gain a larger share of the business in the fleet service market. At least that‘s the result of a recent Arthur D. Little study. “As soon as these independent networks succeed in fortifying their brand and become more well-known, OEMs will lose further market share,” says Andreas Gissler, Automotive expert from Arthur D. Little.

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