Energy & Utilities Germany | Spiegel Online | 02 March 2011

Nuclear power "Made in Germany"

Despite all discussions about the end of nuclear power in Germany, the order books of German suppliers for new nuclear builds are full. Although new nuclear plants are unimaginable in Germany, the government authorized the export of twelve nuclear constructions and components. The reason is simple: the economic prospects are very attractive. A recent Arthur D. Little study concluded that 560 reactors are either planned or under construction already. Contracts worth €628 billion are enticing the German economy.

Chemicals, Energy & Utilities UK | Financial Times | 28 February 2011

Exxon urges US to allow deepwater drilling

As the largest US oil company, ExxonMobil, backed by industry groups has urged regulators to allow deep water drilling to resume in the Gulf of Mexico as pressure rises for the US to generate its own supplies following the formal moratorium lifted in October 2010 after the BP oil spill.

Technology & Innovation Management Germany | Handelsblatt | 23 February 2011

Consultants back in business

2010 has been a good year for the consulting industry. Its turnover increased by 6,9 % and achieved a total volume of 18,9 billion Euro.As internationality becomes more important, a trend for corporate expansion is still clear. Thereby, small and medium-sized companies try to switch into profitable slots. Fabian Doemer, Managing Director for Arthur D. Little Central Europe, explains why Arthur D. Little concentrates on strategy, technology and innovation management: “It is vital to focus now,” he says.

Technology & Innovation Management Germany | Handelsblatt | 23 February 2011

The crisis of the solution seekers

Management consultants develop solutions to solve problems in firms in any branch or industry, but shortfalls in their own industry seem to be more difficult for them to crack. This can be spotted when growth strategies fail and chartered accountants become competitors. On top of that, a lot of former consultants now hold senior positions in companies and are unwilling to spend money on external consulting services. It is for these reasons that small and medium-sized businesses, such as Arthur D. Little, try to specialize and focus on technology and innovation consulting.

TIME Germany | Handelsblatt | 15 February 2011

Light of, spot on: Tablet-PCs come to the fore

The triumphal procession of Tablet-PCs appears to be fixed. While in 2010 about 20 million Tablet-PCs have been sold, it is being estimated that the number will rise up to 242 million by 2015 as Samsung, RIM, LG and other mobile phone producers try to compete with Apple. They seize the chance to conquer the market for business customers. Arthur D. Little`s Diethard Buehler sees the market as neglected by the telecom companies. Therefore, he estimates that the Tablet-PCs will get more attention in the following years.

Energy & Utilities UK | Oilfield Technology | 15 February 2011

Time for a redesign

A contributed article from Arthur D. Little on the topic of petronationalism, based upon the PRISM piece.  The article discusses how the global energy industry has been facing a variety of challenges in recent years including extreme price volatility, decline of ‘easy oil’, commoditisation of technologies, pressure to reduce the carbon footprint and an emergence in petronationalism. It is concluded that petronationalism is evident in the growing power and wealth of NOCs and represents an unparalleled opportunity for all players in the industry.

Energy & Utilities UK | The Energy Industry Times | 15 February 2011

Not all plain sailing for new nuclear

Arthur D. Little comments that nuclear power is once again being seen as an important part of the future of the energy industry. Dr Matthias von Bechtolsheim and Micheal Kruse discuss the challenges facing new nuclear builds such as local supply chain issues, the lack of skilled labour and the highly technical nature of building a new build. There is a willingness to accept cost overruns as long as safety is not compromised. This article follows a media briefing that was held in London.

TIME Germany | Focus | 14 February 2011

Nokia has to ride for a fall

The end of supremacy or the chance for a comeback – where will the alliance of Nokia and Microsoft lead? Nokia has a lot of problems to maintain in the booming and profitable Smartphone business. Diethard Buehler, an Arthur D. Little expert, sees the new Microsoft operating system Nokia uses merely as competitive and nothing more.

Healthcare UK | CHEManager Europe | 31 January 2011

Pharma on the move

Lessons to be Learned from the Chemical Industry

Dr. Uwe Nickel and Edouard Croufer from Arthur D. Little examine how the health and nutrition sectors have grown in the past, are currently still growing and will continue to grow in the future. They comment on how the market is suffering due to the current focus on cutting manpower whilst searching for higher efficiency. With regards to the future, they highlight the importance of learning from the solidarity of the chemicals industry and focusing on optimization.

TIME Germany | Wirtschaftswoche | 24 January 2011

Pay with your mobile

Does the mobile phone turn into an electronic purse? According to a topical survey by Arthur D. Little, it is now being estimated that by 2015 about $280bn worldwide will be paid for using the mobile phone.
To reach this goal there are some barriers to overcome. More mobile phones need to have the necessary NFC-technology. Also, more readers are needed to increase the number of payments.

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