Sustainability & Risk UK | Guardian Sustainable Business | 20 January 2011

Demystifying sustainability for the board

A contributed article from David Lyon and Rick Eagar discusses ideas from the firm’s recent publication, The Board’s Sustainability Handbook. The article discusses how the board is responsible for ‘adding value’ to its company, yet this phrase is now used in a broader sense that goes past financial results. The authors’ view sustainable business to be at the core of initiatives that add value to a company. Integrity, innovation and understanding the broader picture are all key to a business’s sustainability. Contact details for a copy of the book are included at the bottom of the article.

Healthcare France | La Montagne | 18 January 2011

The medicine can sometimes be hard to swallow

The drug known as Mediator was removed from the market. It was wrongly prescribed as an appetite-suppressant to non-diabetic patients causing the death of patients. According to Francois Deneux, banning Mediator from sales does not have financial consequences on Servier.

Sustainability & Risk UK | | 18 January 2011

What Every Business Leader Needs to Know About Sustainability

This article is on Arthur D. Little’s ‘The Board’s Sustainability Handbook’. The piece outlines the importance of sustainability for business leaders, quoting ideas from within the book. It goes on to list the chapter headings and outlining the full content. The piece also directs the reader to Arthur D. Little’s website for further information.

Healthcare France | Le Parisien | 17 January 2011

Servier is going through the worst critical time ever

Servier, which manufactured a drug known as Mediator to help diabetic patients looses weight is going through a very critical time. The Mediator was wrongly prescribed by General Practitioners as an appetite suppressant for non diabetic patients causing numerous patients to die. In 1997, another of Servier’s drugs called Isomeride had to be removed from the market. Even though Francois Deneux, Director in the Healthcare Department at Arthur D Little Paris, says that “a trial would have a low impact in France on Servier” these legal cases have damaged Servier’s corporate image and could have long term consequences for the group.

Automotive UK | Automotive Logistics Europe | 15 January 2011

No cost to spare

The article discusses how the automotive aftermarket in Europe has become radically more competitive thanks to the Block Exemption and global sourcing and investigates the approaches carmakers and providers are taking to save costs and increase speed in the supply chain.

Automotive Germany | Automobilwoche | 10 January 2011

Renaissance with risks

The car market in the US is back on track. For 2011, experts expect about 13 million new cars to be sold. In doing so, the economic development and state subsidies can be vital. This is why Ford and General Motors have a good chance for a comeback, says Dr. Andreas Gissler, Director of the Automotive Practice at Arthur D. Little. The German carmakers will also profit as thrifty vehicles will be in stronger demand.

Energy & Utilities Germany | Handelsblatt | 06 January 2011

Disdained in Germany, praised elsewhere

Nuclear power projects are booming. Globally, there are currently 170 projects with 560 reactors either planned or under construction. They comprise a volume of 2.2 trillion Euro. Although nuclear power is rather unpopular in Germany, many companies thrive on it. Siemens and other small and medium sized companies export their knowledge to almost everywhere in the world – but not in Germany. “Companies with special expertise on cooling towers are not only capable of building them for coal-fired power plants but also for nuclear power plants“, says Michael Kruse, one of the authors of the recent Arthur D. Little study. “And usually those firms don’t let this business opportunity go down the drain,” he continues.

Automotive Germany | Sueddeutsche Zeitung | 04 January 2011

More IT in cars

Huge rebates are back up in car sales outlets and prices for new cars are soaring again. Car manufacturers are using this additional turnover for new models and cleaner techniques. The trend to equip cars with more and more IT technologies is expensive. Dr. Andreas Gissler, Arthur D. Little director, estimates that “Offers for infotainment will result in higher prices by all manufacturers in 2011“. He goes on to say “Nowadays, even small cars are equipped with technology that the customer has to bear.”

Travel & Transportation Germany | Spiegel | 03 January 2011

The Highflyers

Emirates demonstrates how it has been unharmed by the global economic crisis by extending its fleet from 155 to 400 long distance airplanes, increasing the pressure on Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways.  Another advantage of the carrier is that Emirates’ cost structure is a third lower than those of European carriers, according to a recent Arthur D. Little study. Emirates does not operate a short distance network and their airplanes are utilized about 18 hours per day giving it further competitive advantages.

Healthcare France | Pharmaceutiques | 01 January 2011

Employment situation: not ideal but still some job offers remain

Employment in the pharmaceutical industry was still in decline in 2010 but the R&D changes reinvigorate the market. This situation was analysed in an Arthur D Little study for the LEEM in 2007.

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