Energy & Utilities UK | Financial Times | 13 September 2010

Big oil faces prospect of tighter regulation

Sheila McNulty interviews Paolo Dutto on how oil and gas accessible resources have gone and how many IOCs are pinning their hopes on growth in oil demand and increased prices. Paolo does not feel such outcomes can be relied upon and IOCs must look to their portfolio for potential profits.

Energy & Utilities UK | Power Engineering International | 01 September 2010

Understanding the challenges of nuclear new build

A contributed article from Matthias von Bechtolsheim, Michael Kruse and Jan Junker, the discussion is based around a re-working of Arthur D. Little’s "Nuclear New Build" report and the challenges that face nuclear power plant owners today. This the only comprehensive study of its kind that draws on over 150 projects currently being undertaken across the world.

Healthcare UK | Drug Discovery World | 30 August 2010

The Healthcare Industry’s Evolving Role in Translational Research

A contributed five page article from Gregory Venters discusses the issue of applying research advances into medical practice and bridging the gap between discoveries at the ‘bench’ and interventions and therapies at the ‘bedside’ how this remains a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Energy & Utilities UK | Reuters | 16 August 2010

UK needs clean coal for new energy policy-government

Following the new UK coalition government’s first energy policy announcement, Reuters discusses its implications on energy supply in the UK. The article discusses Arthur D. Little’s "Realigning UK Energy Policy" paper that questions the government's statement and how targets may need to be pushed back to ensure the UK gets it right.

TIME Germany | Die Welt Online | 10 August 2010

Germans cling to hard cash

The expense of cash prompts the European Commission to promote electronic payments. The Germans don’t relish the shift from using cash to paying by card although they recognise it is more comfortable to use mobile payments: “In 2012, 250 billion dollars will be transferred with smartphones,” estimates the global consulting firm Arthur D. Little.

TIME UK | Financial Times | 02 August 2010

Why mobile phones can transform banking

In an blog post, the focus of discussion is the issue of increased mobile payments in bric and emerging markets. The piece focuses on the findings within Arthur D. Little’s “M-Payments in M-BRIC” report and how mobile phone penetration is outstripping access to financial services in the BRICs, Mexico and emerging markets. A chart from within the report is used to articulate the findings.

Energy & Utilities UK | Business Green | 29 July 2010

Keep the coal fires burning a bit longer, says energy analyst

Following acting Editor Andrew Charlesworth’s interview with Nick White regarding the constulancy’s “Realigning UK Energy Policy” paper drawn up in parallel with DECC’s energy review announcement, this article discusses how ADL takes the UK government to task for fixating on wind energy and how Britain should renegotiate its commitment to close old coal- and oil-fired stations by 2015 to successfully decarbonise without too much of a heavy increase in costs to consumers and businesses

Energy & Utilities UK | Business Green | 29 July 2010

Energy policy, smart meters and electric cars

Questioning the DECC energy review announcement in the UK, this article is a write-up of an interview between Nick White and the acting editor of Business Green. Much of the discussion is based on Nick further exploring the ideas presented within ADL’s “Realigning UK Energy Policy” paper.

Chemicals Germany | Technology Review | 28 July 2010

Less oil for chemical industry

There is a new trend named bio-economy. It is the process of substituting oil with unused parts of plants for the production of important basic chemicals. Germany is a pioneer in bio-economics and the expected potential is tremendous. In accordance with a recent Arthur D. Little study, the global production of chemicals is worth around 77 billion Euros. Arthur D. Little estimates this market will triple or even quintuple by 2025.

Travel & Transportation Switzerland | NZZ am Sonntag | 25 July 2010

Emirates’ extensive shopping tour

Germany’s traditional carrier Lufthansa might be outperformed by Emirates Airlines soon as Emirates recently ordered 62 new jets. With their costs advantages, the carrier poses a risk to Swiss Airlines as well. Nathan Zielke, leader of the aviation competence centre at Arthur D. Little summarizes three major advantages for Emirates: the geographic position, efficiency and taxes and the structure of the fleet.

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