France | Les Echos | 17 March 2010

Long debate for telecom Operators on mobile network saturation

A study carried out by EXANE-BNP Paribas and Arthur D. Little is questioning the fact that because traffic is expanding extremely rapidly, mobile operators will have to invest again in their networks in the short-term.

France | | 17 March 2010

Mobile broadband

A market that has not yet reached saturation

Smartphone’s success has helped mobile broadband develop in Europe. This will continue in 2010 but terminals will not be ready until 2013. Transition to 4G (aka Long-Term Evolution – LTE) does not need to be done now. The Exane BNP Paribas – Arthur D. Little report adds that the funds required for that technology would not be available in the short-term.

Germany | Welt am Sonntag | 14 March 2010

Mobile without a car

After the worldwide economic crisis, a new hardship threatens the car industry. Young consumers are not as interested in purchasing a car of their own as the former generation was. Instead, alternative mobility draughts are demanded. In particular car sharing projects are getting more popular. "The common use of vehicles without owning them itself has trebled in the last year,” says a topical study by Arthur D. Little.

UK | The Independent | 10 March 2010

Market Report

Vodaphone builds on mobile internet hopes

This UK national newspaper covered the recent Arthur D. Little and Exane BNP Paribas report on mobile phone internet usage. Discussing how even though voice revenues at European operators will continue to decline beyond the recession, the top line should improve and mobile internet usage will accelerate further in 2010 and

Germany | Wirtschaftswoche | 01 March 2010

A car? no, thanks!

In Germany, Japan and the USA more and more young people lose the desire to own a car. This development forces the car manufacturers to undergo a radical change in their business model. Therefore the car industry will alter slowly but surely into a mobility industry, forecasts Marc Winterhoff, co-author of Arthur D. Little’s study "Winning on the E-Mobility Playing Field."

Germany | Harvard Businessmanager Online | 25 February 2010


A dear commodity

Any company’s supply chain may easily be affected in summer months during water draughts that occur in some countries. A recent study by Arthur D. Little on the water margin pointed out four main pillars concerning water supply: disruption of business processes, as water shortages endanger the manufacturing and transport processes. Moreover, there are threats to reputation damages in the event of proven pollution by a company. Furthermore, government regulations request a permanent adjustment to production processes and finally, finance institutes render considerable and sustainable water-handling a condition for attractive credits.

UK | Financial Times | 24 February 2010

Prepare for take-off

In an article discussing the right strategies for growth before a business can hope to prosper again, Stefan Stern references Arthur D. Little’s "Ten management priorities for today and tomorrow" PRISM article.

France | Le Nouvel Economiste | 18 February 2010

Freemium the free product is a real money maker

According to Didier Levy, Director of the Telecom Practice at Arthur D. Little Paris, a product that is first given or rented can lead to a paid service. For instance, a mobile phone is given for free for every contract signed, you can get an I-pad if you subscribe to newspapers.

Austria | Format | 17 February 2010

"Controversies about the digital dividend"

The business weekly Format presents the new Telekom trends for 2010 in great detail. Karim Taga is the only consultant, who is quoted on the topic Digital Dividend. His main message, "Splitting up infrastructure is an international trend, which is going to reach Austria as well."

France | Le Monde | 13 February 2010

Low cost ISPs have launched cheaper Internet access but with less features

Didier Levy, Director of the Telecom Practice at Arthur D. Little Paris, confirms that the price to have broadband plus TV plus telephone has been around €30 per month for some time now. To gain more customers, Operators are testing new and innovating packages. Numericable and Bouygues Telecom among others have entered the market by segmenting it and by offering various deals.

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