UK | Downstream today | 26 October 2009

ADL’s Nieuwenhuizen: New era for Petchem

This is a five-page interview with Peter Nieuwenhuizen focusing on strategies companies can employ to manage in an economic downturn.

Germany | Brand Eins | 23 October 2009

The burro-drivers

The history of the consulting industry - what consultants generally promise their clients: it is a history of impressive economic growth. The first management consultancy was founded in 1886 by the MIT-professor Arthur Dehon Little.

Sweden | | 21 October 2009

Demanded, both in good times and bad times

Despite the economic crisis, the management consulting industry retains a strong position within the business world. A central  explanation appears to be that companies, organizations and authorities have rationalized their business to such an extent that consulting services are necessary in order to make business work. Although Arthur D. Little is the world’s first management consultancy (founded in 1886), McKinsey & Co, which was founded in Chicago 40 years later, is currently ranked number one.

Germany | Tagesspiegel | 20 October 2009

More life for art

The Museum Island, located within the center of Berlin, guarantees high-class art-indulgences, but the adjacent surroundings leave a lot to be desired.  A recent study published by Arthur D. Little states their Germany based CEO, Diethard Bühler, as saying, “the public sphere in between the buildings is particularly problematic“. Unfortunately, it is this sphere which gains importance in regard to contests about tourism flows between the European metropolises. The positive counter example, as the article explains, is Vienna’s Museumsquartier which very successfully managed to position itself as one of the top destinations for European tourists.

Spain | El Economista | 16 October 2009

Special Environment - To a New Sustainable Economic Model

This article explains the greatest challenge Spain is facing: how to transform its economic model into a sustainable one. Javier Serra, an Arthur D. Little consultant, declares that Spain needs to increase its model’s transformation rhythm. This opinion is based on the history of other EU countries’ successful implementation of measures in comparison to that of Spain’s. Additionally, he explains that the current economic situation constraints the action capacity of the different administrations and companies.

France | LE MONDE | 09 October 2009

Pharmaceutical industry is facing unprecedented social tensions

The social environment is deteriorating in the pharmaceutical industry. On Sept 24th, 2009, American BMS confirmed their Epernon (west of Paris) factory would close and result in a loss of 223 jobs. According to Arthur D. Little, within the next few years the pharmaceutical industry will experience 10,000 job losses within current industry employment of 45,000.

Germany | Handelsblatt | 09 October 2009

Two-fisted economizer win

Every two years Hoeselbarth-Lay index ranks German consulting companies in terms of reputation and the public awareness it reaches. It also deals with the question of how far these houses improve the bottom line of their clients. This year McKinsey again ranked number one as the consultancy with the most renowned brand. ADL ranked fifth in terms of public awareness of its brand.

Belgium | De Tijd | 07 October 2009

Hans Smits, topman van de haven van Rotterdam blijft optimistisch ondanks tariefdaling door crisis

Full page interview with CEO of Port of Rotterdam, Hans Smit, and former ADL director (currently president of Advisory Council for Arthur D. Little Netherlands). Mr. Smit remains positive despite the negative impact of the crisis on traffic in Rotterdam.

France | AFP | 07 October 2009

Online gambling: Experts fear to see the number of addicts go up

Gambling addiction experts fear an increase in the number of pathological gamblers - especially among young people. Because of the online gambling market opening up and operators now being allowed to advertise, Arthur D. Little’s research shows the turnover generated by online gaming and that betting could easily reach 3.4 billion Euros within the next 5 years.

Belgium | Trends | 01 October 2009

Laurent Ledoux, economiste et philosophe

Interview with Laurent Ledoux, a former ADL director at the Brussels Office, on his work as managing director of BNP Paribas Fortis' public banking department.

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