Belgium | Financier Worldwide | 01 October 2009

Innovation driven acquisitions: ready to kick start the revival of the M&A market?

Innovation driven acquisitions: ready to kick start the revival of the M&A market? These types of acquisitions are of continued importance and might even breathe life into the M&A market.

France | | 01 October 2009

Low carbon economy era

Arthur D. Little strongly suggests that when companies plan long term growth, they must take into account their carbon footprint. Even if the company believes this could be unfavourable in relation to their competitors who have already incorporated sustainable parameters and/or new players in emerging markets, being environmentally aware is vital. To Richard Clarke, carbon is a "roadroller" that cannot be stopped.

France | Le Nouvel Economiste | 01 October 2009

Fleet of vehicles in companies: Small adjustments could improve the situation

According to French Observatoire du Véhicule d'entreprise, a research institute that monitors corporate car fleets, the car industry, as a whole, went down 7-10% in 2009. New regulations regarding the environment have been introduced and have inevitably hurt the situation even more. According to Laurent Hartmann, Automotive Manufacturing Group Director at the Paris office, car manufacturers are currently suffering, inducing a negative spiral for other industry players.

Switzerland | Neue Zürcher Zeitung | 01 October 2009

A gallic village

“When it comes to telecommunication, the Swiss market is somewhat peculiar“says Klaus von den Hoff and Oliver Lux from ADL. In comparison to other European countries, the fixed network suppliers in Switzerland intend to protect their business. Therefore new techniques, such as mobile broadband, leverage more slowly. On the other side, Swiss suppliers invest into the development of Fiber Optic networks.

UK | Food & Drink Technology | 01 October 2009

All hands to the pump

The world’s largest breweries have grown in recent years. How can innovation be applied to augment the unique qualities of the   brewery and the brand, and have the greatest impact on growth? Communication and collaboration have to be significantly enhanced and innovation has to be closer to the flame of day-to-day business.

Germany | Welt | 25 September 2009

Chinese prepare to attack

The development of Chinese automobile-manufacturers from local to global suppliers is based on a sophisticated strategy, says Marc Winterhoff, Director and leader of the Automotive Practice at Arthur D. Little.First and foremost they schedule to become market leaders in their own country, then appear on the emerging markets with a focus on lower price segments. Finally the Chinese will gather further experience in the medium automobile classes in order to attack the established markets.

Italy | L'Atelier | 25 September 2009

Industries: les Entreprises doivent intégrer la technologie à un business model vert

Taking into account environmental issues is no longer an option for companies, who need to adapt their operations immediately. Web 2.0 and mobile solutions will facilitate this task. "Thanks to new technologies", explains Davide Vassallo, Director S&R at Arthur D. Little," industrial companies will be able to develop a business model more focused on services than on products. However, envisaging a change only based on technology will not be sufficient: a strong and committed leadership capable of involving all staff will be the key driver of change."

Spain | El Economista | 24 September 2009

Arthur D. Little about CO2 emissions

This article explains Arthur D. Little has divulged an article about Energy & Sustainability urging companies worldwide to consider their CO2 emissions control in their long term growth plans. It also states, Arthur D. Little advises companies to work earnestly in sustainability strategies to guarantee their own survival.

Spain | Expansion | 24 September 2009

Wind behind in the U.S. and China

This article explains the remarkable growth objectives the U.S. and China do have in wind power generation and how Spanish companies can benefit from them.         The article emphasizes the advantages wind power generation does have: profitability, innovation degree, energy dependence & CO2 emission reduction and institutional support. Jesús Ruiz, Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Sustainability Practice Director in Spain, states he shares this statements but points out that wind power generation's profitability leans on public subsidies worldwide, and proposes a change in its retribution system.

Germany | Handelsblatt | 17 September 2009

The biologization of the world

There is still little importance in white or industrial biotechnology compared to medical biotechnology. A recent Arthur D. Little study come to the conclusion that the industrial proportion in chemical sales in 2007 has merely been three to four per cent, what corresponds to a volume of 50 to 75 billion US-Dollar. In 2020 the proportion is expected to soar up to one third turning over an amount of 300 billion US-Dollar within this segment of the biotech-industry.

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