Germany | Handelsblatt | 07 December 2009

Debacle threats pending auction for frequencies

The auction of the now unused frequency spectrum formerly used for broadcasting is likely to generate much less revenue for the state than earlier expected. "Returns may be in a scale between 2 – 2.5 billion Euros", says Klaus von den Hoff. The Reasons: The market for mobiles is more saturated than in former auctions and numerous additional requirements narrow the attractiveness of the offers.

Germany | Welt am Sonntag | 06 December 2009

Capitals of Culture generate more quality of life

The Ruhr district and the city of Essen are now the European Capital of Culture. "The region's tourism and the creative industries will definitely make profit by it" says Stefan Höffinger, director of Arthur D. Little Austria. According to a recent ADL study, important cultural events like these do often have a positive long-term effect for the region as seen in Linz, Liverpool and Bilbao.

UK | | 02 December 2009

ADL forges its future by going back to its roots

This article is an interview with Arthur D. Little’s CEO Michael Traem which discusses Arthur D. Little’s emergence from Chapter 11 in 2002 due to focus on 'strategy, innovation and technology'. Traem encourages companies to be innovative during the recession instead of centring on pure cost cutting, in order to be fruitful. It is this innovative attitude which sets Arthur D. Little apart from other consultant companies.

France | Voyages d'Affaires | 01 December 2009

A space Odyssey to conceive the 2030 airport

Apart from technical changes on planes, airports will also go through tremendous changes. According to ADL, in one of their studies, such a phenomenon turns airports into airport cities. The 2025 airport platform will first be a place to live in and to buy with shops, cafés and leisure areas.

Italy | Il Sole 24 Ore | 01 December 2009

Nobody seizes the opportunities created by crisis

Paolo Guidelli Guidi, senior advisor at ADL Rome office, wrote an article appeared in the Automotive Report section of Il Sole 24 Ore (the main Italian economic daily newspaper). In this article, Paolo states that the European Automotive sector has not seized the opportunities of change created by the financial crisis, focusing on short-term solutions to the detriment of farsighted strategies.

Germany | Tagesspiegel | 25 November 2009

Twitter strives to go public

Twitter‘s business model is still developing. In the near future the tiny messages will contain advertising slogans so that operators can finally make money with the service. But experts are rather skeptical. People do not accept advertising in social networks, says Klaus von den Hoff from Arthur D. Little.

Czech Republic | EURO | 23 November 2009

"Is the Czech Republic under a threat of an energy crisis?"

Dean Brabec, Managing Director of Arthur D. Little Czech Republic, explains in his three page article for Euro magazine how the global economic crisis affected the Czech energy market and influenced energy prices. His article gives answers to the following questions: How did the global economic crisis affect the Czech energy sector? Who profited on the crisis and on the contrary, who endured losses? What was the role of the regulator? How will the structure of the Czech energy market look in the future? How to strengthen the security and independence of the Czech energy sector?

Germany | Süddeutsche Zeitung | 21 November 2009

Merely a bubble?

Sustainability is increasingly gaining in importance even for management consultancies. In the 1920s Arthur D. Little already recommended to their client Campbell, to use the rubbish, resulting from the production of soups as food for animals. Therefore, the topic is nothing new, says Marc Winterhoff, leader of the central European Automotive Practice at Arthur D. Little. Sustainabilty has played a central role for a long time: in the long run there is no player who can afford to ignore to act in a responsible way concerning environment, people, economy and climate.

France | Boursorama | 19 November 2009

Nokia, mobile operator, was awarded by Arthur D. Little for their growth strategy in the BRIC countries

Nokia expressed a clear interest towards emerging countries' middle segment in their mid-range products. Their strategy consisted of spreading their distribution channels and launch shopping centres outside international cities in China. They also developed simplified mobile phone models to compete with domestic companies.

UK | Accountancy Age | 17 November 2009

"Is it time to set carbon emissions standards?"

For this broadcast interview, David Lyon, alongside PriceWaterhouseCooper’s sustainable development partner Alan McGill, speak with Gavin Hinks about the lack of standardized method for carbon accounting, and their suggestions for the future.

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