Germany | Tagesspiegel | 31 August 2009

Zurück in die Realität

Not only do flat sell well because they are fancy, but also because they offer some new functions like displaying photos and movies from the internet. TV therefore increasingly develops into a multimedia happening, says Ansgar Schlautmann, on the occasion of the forthcoming IFA. The topic ‘mobile internet‘ gains more attention likewise. „Manufacturers are turning into the direction of Apple and iPhone and are becoming operators of platforms for mobile applications“, the Arthur D. Little consultant reckons.

Netherlands | ACQ | 31 August 2009

Novasep acquires Henogen

Article on the acquisition of Henogen by Novasep, where the Due Dilligence work of Arthur D. Little is mentioned and Mr. Polastro is quoted.

USA | The Financial Times | 30 August 2009

Fears over Chavez Threaten Oil Auction

The future of one of the world's biggest oil auctions is in jeopardy as Venezuela's socialist government and oil companies remain at loggerheads over terms to develop a key oil field. Repeated delays in the bidding for rights to exploit the Orinoco Belt reflect investor concerns about political risk, onerous financing costs and the profitability of the projects. Rodolfo Guzman from our Americas Energy Practice shares his perspectives about the Orinoco Belt and what it means for oil companies.

France | Le Journal du Dimanche | 30 August 2009

On-line gaming: battle has begun

The numerous candidates for the market of online gaming quarrel over a 2 billion euro bonanza. Arthur D. Little is talking of € 3.4 billion in 2015.

France | Les Echos | 24 August 2009

Pharmacy: Novasep takes control of the Belgian Henogen

Novacep, laboratory based in Lorraine (East of France) has just bought out Belgian Henogen, bio molecule manufacturer. This acquisition has helped them widen their range of services. According to Arthur D. Little, the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market is estimated to be worth € 1.3 billion.

UK | ENDS Europe | 10 August 2009

Water footprint: the key to tracking and reducing use?

Due to the increasing pressure on water resources, this article aims to report on the slow but steady progress of water footprinting. David Lyon from the UK’s Sustainability & Risk Practice spoke at a recent water conference in London organised by Agra Informa. His thoughts are included in this article - ‘devising the correct strategy for an organisation is strongly related to developing a full understanding of its water footprint both in its direct operations and across the supply chain, and to assess how this changes over space and time.’

UK | | 10 August 2009

Natural Gas fighting difficult battle in Washington

In this article, Sheila McNulty details the debate surrounding natural gas and the problems it currently faces politically. Sheila makes reference to Peter Hughes from the UK’s Energy Practice following the FTs continued coverage of his ‘The Beginning of End for Oil?’ report.

Germany | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) | 08 August 2009

Ford prüft Verkauf von Volvo an Chinesen

The number of global players within the automobile industry will rise from now ten to fifteen within the next decade on account of the new and expanding suppliers from India and China. This development will put the established car-manufacturers under pressure, says Marc Winterhoff from Arthur D. Little. The ambitious competitors from the emerging markets especially focus on the new global medium-segment.

France | | 08 August 2009

Franklin et Frieh & Associés interviennent sur la cession du groupe Marle au fonds d'investissemement Carlyle

Created in 1978 in France, the Marles Group has become the European leader in steel implants. Investment Fund Carlyle, wishing to acquire the company, asked Arthur D. Little (Frederic Thomas and Guillaume Warnan) to provide them with a strategic due diligence which they did. They now own 80% of the Marle Group the remaining 20% is the property of the Marles family and their management committee.

Austria | Die Presse | 31 July 2009

"Opinion - showcase of the nation" - guest commentary by Stefan Höffinger

Austria's most important daily newspaper "Die Presse" cited Stefan Höffinger in connection with the latest discussion about the new Airport Terminal "Skylink". "Airports are the marketplaces and traffic junctions of the 21st century" ... "Airports as realisation of ambitions and architectural landmarks ... Swiss, Bavaria and Chinese can be proud of their large airports."

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