UK | The Independent | 24 April 2009

UK lacks unity on wind energy

Matthew Jackson writes to The Independent on the lack of unity and co-ordination in the UK’s offshore wind industry. Matthew states that this lack of unity now has the UK facing major competition for foreign direct investment and that both the government and industry will have to work twice as hard to establish the UK as a major player in the development of Europe’s offshore wind industry.

Switzerland | Neue Zürcher Zeitung | 24 April 2009

Arts and culture boom

This article explores how global holiday tour operators are penetrating the small niche market of art sellers, music and cultural travel following an increasing desire from holidaymakers for more than just relaxation and tranquillity. Arthur D. Little’s “Art Cities: arts and culture as a strategy to create local political advantage” is cited and quoted as saying “Approximately 4400 new jobs were created by the museum [Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao], through hotels and other tourist services.”

Germany | Spiegel Online | 22 April 2009


Ryanair is benefiting from the current recession, says airline boss Michael O'Leary. But he’s suffered a dampner not only in his attempts to negotiate crisis-induced super-discounts with Airbus, airports are also no longer willing to meet the Irish low-cost airline part-way in its demands for fee reduction, explains Stefan Höffinger, Managing Director of Arthur D. Little Austria and Head of the consultancy’s Air Traffic Competence Center.

Germany | Heute Journal (German TV news program) | 22 April 2009

China: The Auto Industry's Latest Darling

Not for nothing did Stuttgart car manufacturers Porsche present their newest luxury model " Panamera" at the Shanghai Motor Show. Over the last few years China has developed into one of the most important locations for the automotive industry and is now ready to take a leap: The country wants to become the market leader in electric cars within a short period of time. In discussion with the ZDF (Germany’s second TV channel) Thomas Schiller, Arthur D. Little’s automotive expert in China, presented a new study “Shifting Centers of Gravity" and explained why China’s significance in automotive manufacturing will continue to grow.

France | Les Echos | 22 April 2009

Air Transport Hubs, stars of the dominant economic model

Olivier Noyer quotes Mathieu Blondel, a manager at Arthur D. Little in Paris, “The pressure of the “low cost” becomes more marked in the short and medium networks of large companies”

France | Les Echos | 22 April 2009

The Dual Platform Paris-Amsterdam

This article is on the merger of Air France and KLM and its effect on the business. Mathieu Blondel, a manager at Arthur D. Little in Paris is quoted on how companies with multi hubs exist elsewhere and citing major airline holding companies who function out of 4 or 5 large hubs.

Belgium | De Tijd | 21 April 2009

Silence for the merger and acquisition storm

We are heading towards an increase in merger and acquisition activity, however this article questions whether this is the calm before the storm. Herman Vantrappen, a Director in Arthur D. Little’s Strategy & Organisation Practice in Belgium is featured as saying the key for future M&A activity is through innovation.

Germany | Wirtschaftswoche (German economics magazine) | 20 April 2009

The Eternal Circle

45% of all expenditure in German industry is on materials, with costs for personnel costs not even reaching 20%. Businesses are paying out approximately 500 billion euros per year for steel, plastic and intermediate products. More efficient production processes and more modern technical plants could reduce these costs by a fifth, according to a study carried out by Arthur D. Little in cooperation with the Wuppertal  Insitute for Climate, Environment and Energy and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Belgium | De Tijd | 10 April 2009

Innovation Hunting can revive mergers and acquisitions

A dedicated article to Arthur D. Little on innovation being a driver for M&A activity. Herman Vantrappen, a Director in Arthur D. Little’s Strategy and Organisation Practice in Belgium is featured.

Austria | Kurier | 07 April 2009

The white giant

Decrease in milk sales, price pressure from foreign competitors, angry farmers: The milk business is getting harder and harder. The consulters from Arthur D. Little see only one solution for the Austrian dairies: expansion.  “It would be economically reasonable for them to look to new markets in the eastern countries” Stefan Höffinger, Managing Director of Arthur D. Little Austria, says.

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