Belgium | De Tijd | 24 December 2009

Praise does not always go to the best CEO

Study on the number of CEO's which are 'imported' from other countries. The Prism study by Herman Vantrappen on "Grooming CEO talent at the truly global firm of the future" is used as the basis of the article.

Germany | ADAC motorwelt | 23 December 2009

World city secret Europe

The densely populated Ruhr area with its 5.3 million inhabitants in the western part of Germany is now Europe‘s Capital of Culture. The whole region will attain stimuli for more development by 2,500 cultural events: They will not only polish the region's reputation but also attract many tourists. A recent study from Arthur D. Little Austria underlines that an unremitting implementation of promotional programs finally yield an impressive growth in attendance.

Germany | Wirtschaftswoche | 21 December 2009

Out of the module

Germany's food retail giant Rewe and his tourism-division is still growing notwithstanding the industry's trend to shrink. While the overall tourism industry sales decreased by 5 %, Rewe gained 2 % with its strategy to offer different travel components. Rewe is a pioneer because in 2015 every third journey will be completely planned by the individual customer. Ralf Baron: "German travellers are quite experienced in trips; they scan the internet for all possible options in order to be up to date."

Belgium | De Standaard | 19 December 2009


The former CEO of Charleroi airport reflects on the past years. He mentions the ADL project where we assisted in the privatisation of the Charleroi South Airport.

Austria | Der Standard | 17 December 2009

"Copenhagen as the last wake-up-call for entrepreneurs"

Throughout half a page in Standard, Stefan Hund comments on the climate summit and on the topic of sustainability. His main message: Sustainability mutates from a PR practice into a main part of future business model.

France | EuroInvestor | 15 December 2009

Arthur D. Little CEO identifies trends for competitive advantage in new book, Innovate Your Company

Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little has announced the publication of Innovate Your Company, a book written by its CEO Dr. Michael Traem that examines the challenges facing the modern corporation and provides insights into how companies can remain innovative and competitive both now and in the future.

Austria | Format | 11 December 2009

"Seven trends for new chances"

The business weekly Format provides a three-page-insight into the new book of Micheal Traem "Innovate Your Company" and an interview about his main messages.

Sweden | TV-nyheter | 11 December 2009

Report: IPTV growth hinges on an open standard

A report from the management consultancy Arthur D. Little concludes that the telecom industry must work collectively to develop a global IPTV standard. An open approach to developing STB standards is the best path to achieving rapid price decreases and mass-market distribution.

Norway | Dagens Næringsliv | 09 December 2009

Fear of chaos in the TV room

Risk of increased costs and decreased quality for future TV services, unless something is done

IPTV takes television to the internet and enables communication in all directions. However, a report by Arthur D. Little concludes that there are several obstacles that could be detrimental to new services. The market is fragmented and producers need to work collectively to ensure common standards.

Sweden | Telekomnyheterna | 09 December 2009

IPTV growth hinges on an open standard according to report

A report presented by Arthur D. Little concludes that IPTV growth hinges on an open standard. The consulting company advises the industry to work collectively in order to reach a global IPTV standard that can drive development and reduce cost for all players.

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