Healthcare Switzerland | Neue Zuercher Zeitung | 31 December 2012

Medtech-companies proof-forced

With the end of above-average growth, medtech-companies’ business models should be revisited, too. What holds true for pharmaceutical companies – the presentation of proofs for the effectiveness of the products they intend to offer – will now arise for medtech-companies.  The new public regime simply makes cost-efficiency necessary. Arthur D. Little`s healthcare experts calculate the medtech industry has historically achieved a 7 per cent annual growth rate. Without major changes, manufacturers will not be able to maintain these numbers.

Consumer Goods UK | China Daily | 20 December 2012

China’s agenda a chance for European firms

An article about the policy agenda that was set at the Central Economic Work Conference. Antoine Doyon, Associate Director of Arthur D. Little is quoted saying, “While China pays more attention to increasing domestic demand, private and foreign companies will benefit.” He says that service sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods, logistics, IT outsourcing and industry sectors with high technology content and added value will bring opportunities for foreign investors, while capital-intensive and labour-intensive sectors will not fare as well. He says that to benefit from a consumption-driven service-based economy, foreign companies will need to re-examine their unique selling propositions and pay extra attention to product and service features that Chinese customers will like.

Operations Management Germany | Der Tagesspiegel | 09 December 2012

Large-scale projects: Often delayed and too expensive

Almost all large projects e.g. the construction of a new airport or a train station are completed late and cost more than originally calculated. But over budget projects hit more than just political ambitions. Corporations of all sizes predominantly miscount with their projects too. Just eleven per cent of all major intersectoral investments deliver the profit previously calculated because the project remains within time and cost limits. This is a key finding from management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s recent study on projects with sizeable investments.

Consumer Goods UK | Retail Times | 04 December 2012

Retailers must target the ‘u-channel’ to succeed, say management consultants

An article about Arthur D. Little’s viewpoint on ‘U-Channel Retail’. Tomorrow’s customers want to complete purchases when and where they want – and rapidly evolving mobile and online sales platforms enable this. Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove, Partner, Arthur D. Little Benelux, says “The U-Channel challenge is both a short and long-term race. This revolution will profoundly remodel the retailing landscape in the long-run but also requires taking appropriate measures today. Retailers must begin to scope the field, understand the challenges at hand and set directions for future developments.”

TIME UK | The Sunday Times | 02 December 2012

2013 mobile business predictions

An article about the mobile business sector and 2013 market trends. Arthur D. Little is mentioned for its study with EE about 4G business benefits. The study reveals how the superfast network can help British firms increase innovation, boost productivity and cut costs.

Automotive UK | AutomotiveIT | 29 November 2012

Study sees potential for online car sales but work is needed

According to a study by Arthur D. Little online car sales could be improved if dealers and automakers work together. The article summarizes the results of the study and Arthur D. Little is quoted as saying “The sales process is inevitably expanding to the digital world.” Furthermore the article gives Arthur D. Little’s list of six actions automakers should undertake to increase online car sales.

TIME Germany | Handelsblatt | 28 November 2012

Pole-Position in front of the TV

TV-audiences are becoming ever more demanding: That’s why the so called video-on-demand sector will continue to grow over the next years. Two big providers – Maxdome and Amazon’s subsidiary Lovefilm – and a few smaller ones want to achieve pole-position in the Online-video-library-market. Experts from Arthur D. Little reckon that only few providers can survive in the battle for consumers: “Important for the long-term success is the number of movies in the library and the number of people with subscriptions”, states ADL’s Clemens Schwaiger. In 2011, more than 2.5 Million Germans had subscribed to video-on-demand-services.

Automotive Germany | Die Welt | 25 November 2012

New status symbols for the young generation

Adolescent buyers have increasingly different preferences. Older generations have often displayed their status with their choice of cars, but Arthur D. Little experts predicted a change a long time ago: The number of German men between 18 and 29 years, who will buy a car, will drop between 2005 and 2015 by about 35 percent. Instead of buying a car, young people now spend their money on smartphones and laptops. The sense of independence which traditionally accompanied owning a car now seems to be associated with digital equipment.

Travel & Transportation Germany | Spiegel Online | 21 November 2012

Benefits of the gulf airlines

Airlines from the gulf region are seeing sizeable growth as, on top of professional management and a privileged location, the gulf airlines also profit from various cost advantages. In a recent study Arthur D. Little estimates the cost benefits to be up to 30 percent. Compared to the European Airlines they have lower labour costs and are often exempt from paying business- and value-added taxes. Furthermore, airlines located in the Arabian emirates can buy cheaper kerosene. The article discusses a potential alliance between the German airline Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

TIME UK | Mobile | 16 November 2012

4G will help cut costs and increase innovation

Arthur D. Little and EE have released a new study into 4G business benefits. The study reveals how the superfast network can help British firms increase innovation, boost productivity and cut costs. Joseph Place from Arthur D. Little is quoted as saying “Businesses are using 4G LTE to bring a more fundamental level of mobility to their organisations. For example, 4G can be used to set up a fully connected office almost anywhere, dramatically increasing agility and responsiveness.”

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