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The automotive industry is going through a series of step changes. The rapid growth of megacities, the greying of Western societies and new technological developments are presenting OEMs around the globe with a whole new set of challenges.  [...]

The hunger for energy is increasing around the globe. With coal power being unviable in the long run and nuclear energy coming under increasing criticism, alternatives are being sought urgently. In the coming years the energy industry will have to re-invent itself like never before. [...]

Business models within the telecommunications industry have shifted fundamentally, with online, offline and telecommunication offerings fusing into totally new product packages. The TIME practice of Arthur D. Little helps its clients to find their way through the jungle of new options. [...]

The globalisation of the chemical industry is continuing. With consumers in emerging markets becoming ever more affluent, chemical base products are now needed in new areas around the world. The current rise of the Middle East as a site for chemical production is just one example of this trend. [...]

The consumer goods and retail industry is breaking into a new era

Virtual shopping. Ecommerce has just been established, yet more innovative ways are already in place to flood the market providing completely different customer experiences. Game-changing smartphone applications in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry are truly impacting the way consumers shop. For retailers it’s about how and where the consumer decides to spend his money. [...]

The healthcare industry is facing multiple issues: patents for blockbuster drugs are expiring and there are few new ones in the pipeline. At the same time costs are continually rising and challenging the funding of the entire system. The only way to deal with this many-sided crisis is through innovation and strategy. [...]

The manufacturing sector is facing significant strategic and operational challenges. It has managed the aftermath of the economic crisis reasonably well, but it still needs to tackle issues for the future. Innovation, transformation and strategy are key to finding the way forward. [...]

Finding the right deals to generate superior returns for limited partners is ever more challenging for private equity funds, as they face competition from each other and from new entrants like hedge funds. At Arthur D. Little, we can help principal investors achieve superior returns [...]

The public sector around the globe is feeling the pinch from the aftermath of the economic crisis as governments try desperately to consolidate budgets and get a grip on finances. The public services practice of Arthur D. Little helps public institutions around the world to tackle this difficult issue. [...]

The explosion of wealth in the emerging markets is leading to ever more travel and transportation around the globe. This is bringing new challenges such as environmental impact and the question of rising cost. The Travel and Transportation practice of Arthur D. Little helps its clients to come to the right decisions in this unstable environment. [...]

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