Information Management: mastering complexity

Arthur D. Little works with you to help you harness the benefits of IT innovation and master IT complexity. We can help you become a "successful innovator" and take advantage of the same strategies used by companies that excel in IT. We make IT part of innovating your business.

At Arthur D. Little, our Information Management experts can help you address a wide range of IT challenges. [...]

IT Industrialization as a Performance Booster

IT units have always been under pressure, but in recent years the bar has been raised even higher. The business imperative to reduce costs, expedite time to market and increase service quality at the same time are particularly a challenge for IT organizations with heterogeneously grown environments and a resulting variety of operated infrastructure. [...]

How to overcome the IT innovation dilemma…

…with incremental steps towards increased business value generation

IT innovation is often perceived as the invention of the next Google, Facebook, or Kindle. We argue that CIOs can significantly transform business models through much smaller endeavors that can be highly effective for the company [...]

‘Triangulate‘ your IT for Business Value

The days of IT as a pure enabler function for companies are over – and with it the role of the CIO/CFO. Instead, his role is shifting towards the ”balancing” power in enterprises, being responsible for operational stability, innovation and business value generation simultaneously. How companies can do their homework and prepare the ground for the CIO of tomorrow. [...]

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Viewpoints27 January 2017

Business-IT-Partnership: It’s complicated

Nothing runs without IT: In the era of digitalization the partnership between business and IT is more essential than ever, but the partnership is running into trouble

There is no digital future without adequate information technology.<br />In theory, IT should act as a business partner. As the central interface within the company, it connects all business operations and processes, forming the platform [...]

Viewpoints30 November 2015

Digital Transformation

How to become Digital Leader

Turning digital has become a well-understood imperative. Although digital has commonly found its way into corporate strategies, the path to transforming adequately remains unspecified. [...]

Viewpoints25 November 2013

Forget Big Data – Value Data wins the battle!

… from hype to real business value – now is the time for strategic planning!

Big Data is a hot topic for many corporations. Yet many have struggled to find the right entry point or failed in implementation. A key learning is: Big is not enough. Hence, the value needs to be uncovered.&nbsp;&nbsp; In order to be [...]

Viewpoints20 November 2013

Manage IT Value to Improve

While IT’s value is undisputed, who actually knows how much that value is?

While IT’s value is undisputed, who actually knows how much that value is? Roughly 70% of companies still measure and manage their IT only by cost indicators. 74% see IT as an important factor for the long-term success of their business [...]

Press Releases19 July 2010

Arthur D. Little: Putting IT governance at the top of the agenda

Over recent years, corporate governance has become mandatory. As a subset of corporate governance, IT governance has made its way up the corporate agenda. With many IT organizations in survival mode due to the economic crisis, Arthur D. [...]