The Book

Arthur D. Little CEO identifies trends for competitive advantage in new book, Innovate Your Company

Innovate Your Company, written by Arthur D. Little's global CEO Dr. Michael Traem, sets out the seven mega trends that companies cannot afford to ignore if they are to thrive in the current global market. At the same time the book explains the five key success factors that companies need to follow in order to become successful innovators:

The seven mega trends are:

  1. The West-East Shift
  2. Cost Issues
  3. Regulation and Accelerating State Control
  4. Sustainability and the Challenges of Climate Change
  5. Increasing Complexity
  6. The New Middle Classes
  7. Technology

Dr. Traem sets out his belief that continual innovation is vital for companies’ long-term success, illustrating his ideas with relevant examples and case studies from around the world.  He stresses throughout that innovation isn’t just about developing new products or services – it must also include new ways of conceiving management, organisation and society.

"Innovation is the secret of any company's success, but being innovative means much more than it did just a few years ago," says Dr. Traem.  "Every process, function or system within a company may need to change in order to achieve a competitive advantage, and as such, innovation may lead to an entirely different business model.  The harsh reality of the recent downturn has left many companies exposed and unprepared for such change – but it is not too late to tackle these issues.  I hope that this book provides inspiration for those who have the power and ambition to survive."