Manufacturing, Strategy & Organization

Regional expansion strategy in China

Definition of attractive regional markets and expansion strategy for a world leading cement producer [...]


Fitting China into the global footprint

Definition of manufacturing and R&D activities in China for leading medical device manufacturer [...]


Vision engineering

Support the re-alignment of a leading communication equipment manufacturer towards a new market environment [...]


Value engineering

Develop a value-driven product redesign to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction [...]


Product life cycle management (PLM): strategy and implementation

Support PLM implementation of an international engine manufacturer [...]

Manufacturing, Strategy & Organization

Growth strategy formulation

Growth strategy formulation for a global manufacturer of fluid handling and heat exchange equipment [...]


Order to delivery

Complete re-design of the order to delivery process of a global mining equipment manufacturer [...]


Capital efficiency

Support a global metal industry company to radically improve working capital turnover [...]


Product portfolio and modularization

Redesign the product portfolio and define the technical modules of a leading mining equipment company [...]

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