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Profound industry knowledge and a pragmatic work style underpin the services offered by Arthur D. Little's manufacturing practice.

Product portfolio and modularisation

A robust segmentation model enabling the development of the product portfolio is crucial for company development. However, real benefits come only when they are supported by a modularisation and platform roadmap. We propose an approach covering the complete value chain from market segmentation to technical module definition, delivering both strategic guidelines and reduced product complexity.

Capital efficiency

Arthur D. Little has extensive experience from working capital efficiency projects. There are two types of projects: the traditional business unit with very detailed analysis and recommendations, and the corporate programme which is done in close interaction with local business units. The typical projects address a vast array of challenges all along the value chain.

Order to delivery

Arthur D. Little has extensive experience of improving competitiveness of national and international clients within the automotive and manufacturing industries by redesigning and improving of the order to delivery process. The projects' scope differs from order to delivery, from inventory to order (specification) and manufacturing to order. The assignments address the complexity of combining short lead time, customer-specified products, low inventories and high capacity utilisation. Measurable targets are typically radical reduction of lead times and / or improvement of the delivery precision.

Industry strategy

Arthur D. Little has extensive experience from projects involving strategy development or reformulation. Strategy development is typically done either at business unit or corporate level, or even both. Strategy development relies on extensive industry analysis to establish a common platform of understanding and expectations for the future, and the formulation of what path to choose to maximise the chances of realising vision and ambitions.

Product life cycle management (PLM): strategy and implementation

Product data management through the complete product life cycle is a key to increase overall efficiency for manufacturing companies. However, 70 per cent of PLM investments do not deliver expected values. We propose a structured approach to develop an IT strategy and implementation. Focusing on business processes and on the need for change management, we help clients to successfully leverage their IT investments.

Value engineering

Despite their efforts during the last years, many manufacturing companies do not succeed in delivering value through products in a context of increasing costs. Based on a thorough analysis of the unpinning drivers of product value, we propose a proven methodology to develop and achieve stretched but realistic cost targets for manufactured products while increasing customer satisfaction and delivered value. The methodology is appropriate in all phases of a development project including post product launch.

Vision engineering

A strong alignment between strategy and the key enablers of a company (organisational structure and processes) is key for any client. However the implementation of changes inside the organisations are often a haphazard process. We propose an approach that, through the involvement of a select group of managers in focused workshops and work groups, is able to drive the required changes in the organisation and processes quickly while allowing an improved sharing of the company vision and strategy.

China growth strategy

Companies realise the need to rethink their China strategy, but don’t know where to start, and they want to avoid complex evaluations. Based on our experience in China, Arthur D. Little has developed an executive China-fit screening tool, which is an essential guideline for expansion in China. This approach is based on competencies instead of making a short-term “off-shoring plan” of low-end products.

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