Manufacturing: a tough market

Developments in the manufacturing industry pose difficult questions for market players. Arthur D. Little's manufacturing practice works with you to develop and implement innovative solutions.

A robust segmentation model enabling the development of the product portfolio is crucial for company development. However, real benefits come only when they are supported by a modularization and platform roadmap. We propose an approach covering the complete value chain from market segmentation to technical module [...]

Definition of attractive regional markets and expansion strategy for a world leading cement producer

Challenge: The client and its Chinese partner target to further develop its leading position in China. They need to identify and expand into attractive markets surrounding regions in the next 3-5 years, in particular when there is nationwide restructuring and rapid development of Chinese cement industry. However, [...]

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Viewpoints31 October 2017

Retail network – Radical changes ahead

Dealers’ future business models need to evolve towards a mobility-solutions hub

Technological disruptions and new client needs are causing the automotive industry to evolve toward a model based on mobility services. Mobility on demand will become its greatest component, which will require transitioning from a product [...]

Viewpoints08 June 2017

China’s commercial aircraft take-off

Arthur D. Little looks at the recent development of the Chinese commercial aircraft industry

For the global aeronautical industry, China represents the largest commercial opportunity of the coming 10 years, and the biggest competitive threat for the decades to follow. Arthur D. Little reviews the development of the Chinese [...]

Viewpoints02 November 2016

E-Learning – A tool for successful change

How to leverage e-learning for knowledge sharing in the manufacturing industry

Today's global trends, such as high speed of innovation and technological change, require manufacturing companies to be agile and quickly implement sustainable changes to survive. To do so, companies need to continuously train employees to [...]

Viewpoints20 May 2016

Outsourcing model redesign

Unleash latent improvement potential by taking a fresh look at established partnerships

Outsourcing has been widely implemented in all industries. While some of these partnerships have failed miserably, others were perceived as successful. The aspired advantages, such as cost savings, flexibility and access to innovation, [...]