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Smart Professionals can differentiate Arthur D. Little from the pack. Customers value us for both our out-of-the-box thinking and the stringent intellectual rigor we adhere to. This is made possible thanks to the exceptional people we have on board: their unique blend of entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and a good sense of humor make them both inspiring and fun to work with.

Our jobs

To continue our path of growth, we are constantly seeking out new talent. Whether you are a graduate or an experienced professional, if you feel you would thrive in our environment, we would be pleased to hear from you. We are currently recruiting individuals for the following positions:

Business Analysts

Your role

As Business Analyst at Arthur D. Little you will work on well defined sub-tasks of the assignment with the close support and guidance of your case manager. The Business Analyst’s role includes:

  • Gathering facts and analyzing data from various sources
  • Extracting key messages from your research in a clear and concise way
  • Assisting the team in building presentations and reports
  • Providing input in client meetings regarding own work
  • Interact with customers during workshops and interviews

Next to that, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the office by taking on a role in the internal office organization.

Your profile

You will have just finished university or already have 1-2 years experience in a similar position. You have an excellent academic track record, preferably in engineering, science, finance, economics or law, with potentially an MBA as additional asset. As a future business analyst you:

  • Possess the necessary analytical skills
  • Have a good sense of professionalism, making you a credible partner in the eyes of the client
  • Have the right interpersonal skills to be an effective part of our case teams - adapting yourself rapidly to the diverse environments you will be exposed to.


Your role

As Consultant at Arthur D. Little you will take ownership for the delivery of important parts of the assignment under coordination and supervision of your case manager. Therefore you will:

  • Take front-to-end accountability for a number of business analysis projects that you structure and complete with minor senior guidance
  • Build compelling presentations conveying key messages in a clear way
  • Present your recommendations with poise and confidence to senior audiences
  • Assist other members of the team to ensure successful delivery

In addition to this, you will get the opportunity to contribute to the development of the office by taking on responsibility in the internal office organization.

Your profile

You have gathered 3-4 years experience in consulting, banking, industry, or you have just completed an MBA. As future Consultant you:

  • Are a result-oriented individual with established interpersonal skills and leadership abilities
  • Have the right analytical skills to tackle challenging questions and solve complex business issues with minimal support
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills with a flair for presenting with impact


Your role

As a Manager at Arthur D. Little you lead the successful accomplishment of our assignments. Therefore, you will:

  • Structure the overall mission in line with the client’s issues and needs
  • Provide clear focused support and expertise to your team in structuring and solving problems
  • Manage the workload while coaching team members to ensure a successful delivery
  • Communicate recommendations and sensitive messages to senior level client audience

In addition to this, you also build relationships beyond project assignments and are able to spot and help develop opportunities for future business.

Your profile

You have relevant management experience in a consulting firm or in a similar position in the industry. As future Manager at Arthur D. Little you will:

  • Demonstrate broad industry knowledge combined with sharp business acumen
  • Are able to quickly develop an understanding of the client’s situation to maximize the impact of Arthur D. Little’s presence
  • Can fall back on appropriate leadership and convincing skills to motivate your team and drive change in your client’s environment

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If you are interested in a role with Arthur D. Little please send your CV and cover letter to the following e-mail address. Please do not forget to indicate the country you are interested in working for. We will then get back to you.

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