Operations Management

Due Diligence proves its worth

We supported a private equity player in an operational due diligence to identify hidden potentials and risk before a deal [...]

Operations Management

Innovation in purchasing provides tangible results

We supported a health care provider to realise significant cost reductions on purchased goods and services [...]

Operations Management

Reduction in working capital enhances the balance sheet

We supported a global metal industry company to reduce its working capital significantly [...]

Operations Management

Happier customers through a supply chain re-design

We redesigned the Supply Chain processes, organisation and resources of a Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics company to fulfil customer needs [...]

Operations Management

Cost reductions come from within to improve performance

We supported a component system to the aircraft industry to identify and implement an aggressive cost reduction programme [...]

Operations Management

East meets west to create added value

We helped a player in the high technology industry to find the right balance between Western European and Asian Manufacturing, and achieve maximum unit cost benefits [...]

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