Operations Management: staying ahead of competition

Operational excellence is increasingly on the agendas of top business leaders, who recognise that world-class operations are the key to staying ahead of the competition. At Arthur D. Little, our Operations Management practice can help your organisation build a world-class value chain and achieve operational excellence.

Purchasing has become one of the main drivers of improving operational efficiency. Arthur D. Little has developed a range of customised services to help you achieve purchasing value excellence. [...]

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Viewpoints11 September 2017

Digital Lean Management

Unlock potential and achieve next performance levels

Successful companies have achieved outstanding performances by incorporating Lean Management at the center of their corporate transformations. At the same time, the potential of digital technologies to transform performance has become [...]

Viewpoints06 April 2017

Executive Roundtable: Future of Operations

Exploiting the potential of new technology and Industry 4.0

The nature of operations has been changing constantly in past decades, and is still changing now, with more speed than ever. The evolvement of Industry 4.0 and the high scale availability of new technologies such as augmented reality [...]

Viewpoints02 November 2016

E-Learning – A tool for successful change

How to leverage e-learning for knowledge sharing in the manufacturing industry

Today's global trends, such as high speed of innovation and technological change, require manufacturing companies to be agile and quickly implement sustainable changes to survive. To do so, companies need to continuously train employees to [...]

Viewpoints19 September 2016

Procurement 4.0 in the digital world

Transforming procurement into an agile, linked innovation leader and catalyst

The world is changing: decreasing levels of in-house value-add and increasing speed of market and technological changes require procurement to transform into an agile, linked innovation leader and real-time, integrated supply-chain manager. [...]

Press Releases08 August 2012

Global Operations: 3 challenges, 1 roadmap

Global operations networks are challenged by three global trends: the maturing of emerging markets which changes consumers’ attitudes in these countries, the current and ongoing global and regional macroeconomic instability and the [...]

Press Releases24 June 2008

Harnessing the power of sustainable procurement

For many corporations, much of the footprint - and associated value - relating to sustainability lies in the supply chain rather than in operations directly controlled by the corporation itself. As stakeholders become increasingly [...]