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Latest press releases

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability UK, London - 12 January 2011

Arthur D. Little demystifies sustainability for the board in latest publication

While ‘sustainability’ has become a corporate watchword in the 21st century, many companies remain unclear about what are the most appropriate practical actions to take for business...  In The Board’s Sustainability Handbook, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) demystifies the concept of sustainability in business, and sets out the key ideas for non-specialist senior executives in an easily digestible format. [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability UK, London - 23 September 2009

Arthur D. Little: Climate change creating competitive opportunities now

New report warns that companies must rethink their business models to survive an uncertain future

A new report by Arthur D. Little urges businesses across all sectors to consider the cost of carbon when planning for long-term growth, or risk losing out to sustainability-savvy competitors and new emerging market players.  In "Ensuring survival: Business models in a low carbon world," the consultancy's Energy and Sustainability practices argue that in 2009, the carbon agenda will leave no business untouched, through multiple direct and indirect routes - from brand recognition, to the cost-base, to investors' perceptions of value. [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 10 September 2009

Integrity and Innovation drive value in public policy engagement

With sustainability informing corporate and government agendas, Arthur D. Little highlights how a balanced policy engagement strategy contributes positively to the development process while also generating business value

What do carbon budgets, access to water, and supply chain labour conditions have in common?  They are all fast moving areas of public policy development, and according to a new report by Arthur D, Little, areas where businesses can create value by contributing to the public debate. Ahead of December's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Arthur D. Little’s new report explains that as new channels open up for businesses to influence policy – locally, nationally, and globally – corporate engagement in the policy process is no easy feat.  Illustrated using case studies from clothing retailer Levi Strauss & Co. and health and hygiene products manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, the report likens sound corporate engagement to a balancing act: businesses need an approach that captures the opportunities associated with public policy engagement but also protects company integrity by working collaboratively and transparently.  [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 21 November 2008

Arthur D. Little launches "The Water Margin: How strategic management of water can grow business value"

With two-thirds of the world to experience water shortages by 2025, a new report warns businesses: sink or swim

A new report from global management consultancy Arthur D Little warns businesses that a reactive response regarding water management can damage business performance. The report provides several illustrations of how water affects many businesses' financial performance. These include Électricité de France (EDF), which was hit by losses of approximately €300m when it had to close a quarter of its 58 plants due to water shortages and Anheuser-Busch, which suffered increased production costs due to water shortages in the supply chain. [...]

Operations Management, Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 24 June 2008

Harnessing the power of sustainable procurement

Arthur D. Little launches new white paper urging businesses to bring sustainability to the supply chain at green supply chain summit

For many corporations, much of the footprint - and associated value - relating to sustainability lies in the supply chain rather than in operations directly controlled by the corporation itself. As stakeholders become increasingly insistent that "promises made" by the CEO should be "promises delivered", business leaders will need to extract and manage increasing innovation from suppliers as well as employees to deliver on commitments to sustainable performance. [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 29 May 2008

Sustainable Performance Delivered

A new study by Arthur D. Little reveals how to unlock value through the Sustainability Value Formula - "Integrity + Innovation = Sustainable Performance"

Having established the connection of Integrity + Innovation = Sustainable Performance in its report last year, a new study continues Arthur D. Little's exposition of this relationship by showing how companies are making most of it in the real world. The I + I value formula for corporate sustainability has been a key success factor behind retail giant Marks & Spencer, telecommunications behemoth BT, healthcare specialist Novo Nordisk, and global banking leader HSBC. The new report "Sustainable Performance Delivered" looks at how leading businesses are delivering sustainable performance through an intense focus on integrity and innovation. [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 04 December 2007

Low carbon London

Arthur D. Little at the centre of London’s new climate change revolution

A Victorian terraced home with a twist, No.1 Lower Carbon Drive, opened to the public today to provide Londoners with examples of ways in which they can alter their homes and domestic lifestyles to reduce the city’s CO2 emissions. Management consultancy Arthur D. Little worked with the London Development Agency (LDA) to develop the model home as part of the mayor’s Climate Change Action Plan. The plan aims to encourage all Londoners and businesses to help in reducing the capital’s carbon dioxide emissions to 60 per cent below 1990s levels by 2025. [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 10 September 2007

Arthur D. Little launches global Carbon Advisory service

Today Arthur D. Little, the global management consulting firm, launches a dedicated global Carbon Advisory service (GCAS).

The service will strengthen the leading-edge capabilities of the firm’s Industry and Functional Practices and consolidate some 40 years experience in advising clients in climate change, sustainability and the carbon agenda. Arthur D. Little’s GCAS will help clients take a broad view of carbon issues, from value creation through to addressing risk and step-changes in customer requirements. [...]

Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 02 August 2007

Delivering sustainable performance through integrity and innovation

A new study by Arthur D. Little presents the sustainability value formula - "Integrity + innovation = sustainable performance"

A new study by Arthur D. Little explores how a value formula for corporate sustainability has been a key success factor behind retail giant Marks & Spencer, telecommunications behemoth BT, healthcare specialist Novo Nordisk, and global banking leader HSBC. The report looks at how leading businesses are delivering sustainable performance through an intense focus on integrity and innovation. [...]

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