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Latest press releases

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 04 October 2017

Arthur D. Little analyzes economic benefits and job market impact of Nord Stream 2

Major infrastructure project has total economic benefit to EU of €5.15 billion

London, 4 October, 2017 – A recent report from Arthur D. Little (ADL) – “The economic impact to Europe of the Nord Stream 2 Project” – analyzes the economic effects (job creation and GDP) of the ongoing project to build two new gas pipelines from Russia to Germany. The report analyzes the current status of project investment and concludes that the total economic benefit to the European Union (EU) represents €5.15 billion for building the pipelines. Furthermore, the investment until the end of July 2017 creates 31,000 full-time job equivalents in the EU over five years, adding €2.25 billion in GDP in various industrial sectors.  [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, Munich - 04 June 2013

Arthur D. Little: E&P companies need to improve technology strategies and strengthen technology management processes to increase business performance

Mid-sized E&P companies can achieve better business performance through improved technology practices and stronger technology management processes, according to Arthur D. Little’s latest viewpoint “Technology Applications in Mid-Sized Oil and Gas Companies.” The assessment reviews a group of mid-sized E&P companies and finds that those with a more proactive approach to the adoption of technology deliver a better business performance. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 17 July 2012

Arthur D. Little highlights a better organizational form to support the energy industry’s technology environment

Companies are under increasing pressure to deploy their best available technological capabilities, in order to maximize recovery and efficiency, while at the same time minimizing costs and strengthening their safety records. Arthur D. Little’s latest whitepaper “The Projects, Technology & Procurement organization” examines the emergence of a new organizational form which sees the integration of all relevant Projects, Technology and Procurement (PTP) units into a single, integrated global division. The whitepaper reviews experiences of Shell, Statoil and other major players, highlighting best practices and issues to overcome in operating this organizational style. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 16 August 2010

Does the government have the political will to change direction on UK energy policy? asks Arthur D. Little

The UK government’s first annual energy statement recently acknowledged the ongoing need to realign UK energy policy in order to implement an environmentally responsible, secure and cost-efficient energy infrastructure.  Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little believes that the inconsistent policies so far pursued seem destined to deliver a high cost, low quality infrastructure – and asks whether the current government is willing to turn this situation around.

Central to the government’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 per cent below their 1990 levels by 2020 are the increase in the proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources, and energy efficiency measures. In Realigning UK energy policy, Arthur D. Little analyses how realistic and cost-effective some of the measures outlined for reaching this target really are: [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 29 June 2010

Is nuclear new build more a management than a technology challenge? asks Arthur D. Little

Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little has produced a major new study that examines the management and technology issues facing nuclear new build projects and provides a comprehensive framework to help owners overcome potential obstacles and reduce risk. "Nuclear New Build Unveiled" analyzes the current status of and trends within the nuclear industry, particularly in the context of many projects being run on very tight time schedules by teams with little or no experience of nuclear new build.

The study concludes that, besides its technical complexity, the management issues of a nuclear new build are often underestimated and call for professional management of the venture. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 17 December 2009

Arthur D. Little: Time for change – new asset management practices needed at international oil companies

New report reveals oil companies need practical measures to deal with the complex changes in delivering reserves replacement

A new report by Arthur D. Little urges international oil companies (IOCs) to rethink traditional models of asset management and consider moving towards a more integrated and cross-asset view in order to ensure long-term success in a changing marketplace. In “Time for Change – Oil Company Asset Management,” the consultancy’s Energy and Sustainability practices argue that traditional asset-based organisation and asset lifecycle management systems are not sufficient for the road ahead. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 06 April 2009

Arthur D. Little: In an era of cost-cutting, how can oil companies maximise capital investment potential?

A new report warns firms against cutting capital investment programmes for short-term financial savings

After a meteoric crash in oil prices over the last nine months, a new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little urges oil companies to look even more closely at the economic viability of their current project portfolio.  Until recently, the high price of oil has driven 14 per cent annual growth in E&P (exploration and production) capital spending.  However, with the potential for such spending to shrink by as much as 10 per cent in 2009, “Managing Capital Investment Programs” argues that firms must re-think their approach to managing these projects in order to encourage internal coordination and cost-savings whilst avoiding project failure. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 10 December 2008

Arthur D. Little: Expat skill transfer has not delivered

A new report by Arthur D. Little finds that the promise of localising talent in the Middle East oil and gas industry has yet to be realised

Forty years on and the Middle East’s oil and gas sector still relies on a highly paid, short-term, expatriate workforce to exploit development and exploration opportunities in the region, according to a new report released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little.  Despite the region’s original intention of developing a local talent pool through a gradual and systemic knowledge and skills transfer, today the Middle East’s national oil companies (NOCs) continue to rely on expatriate talent.  The report, “Expat Games,” warns that as NOCs seek to expand their presence in the global energy market against the background of an ageing expatriate workforce, the pressure is now greater than ever before to develop local capability and local opportunities. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 21 October 2008

Arthur D. Little predicts consolidation and globalisation for maturing subsea oil and gas sector

As oil prices continue to rise and deepwater reserves demonstrate increasing appeal to national oil giants, the subsea oil and gas sector faces significant challenges to ensure future growth, according to a new report launched today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little. The report, "Opportunities and threats in the maturing subsea market", warns that shortages of skilled personnel, production equipment supply constraints, and limited access to raw materials are critical factors the sector must overcome to ensure continued growth in the next five to 10 years. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 16 October 2008

Arthur D. Little warns regulators: Address Gallagher Review now or risk early grave for biofuels industry

Three months after Gallagher findings announced, biofuels industry innovators and investors remain uncertain about future investment

Unless governments begin to act now on policy initiatives to regulate the potential negative impacts of biofuels, the industry risks losing its momentum and failing to realise its role in the renewable energy mix, warns a new report released today by Arthur D. Little, the global management consultancy. [...]

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