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Latest press releases

Financial Services UK, London - 23 November 2010

Arthur D. Little urges banks to innovate their approach to communications to reap significant cost savings

Inconsistent communication can affect customers’ loyalty to financial institutions

With banks facing increased levels of regulation following the financial crisis, it is vital that they become more customer-centric in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain profitability.  [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 27 August 2009

Making microinsurance sustainable and profitable

New report from Arthur D. Little urges financial services companies to consider why now is the time to move into the low-income insurance market 

As the world grapples with global economic recession, no one is left more vulnerable to unexpected accident, illness or disaster than the four billion people living on less than $2 per day. According to a new report released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little, offering microinsurance to this large and disparate market is one way for downturn-hit financial services companies to develop a new profit stream while regaining customers’ trust and working toward a more responsible and sustainable world.  [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 21 April 2009

Islamic finance comes of age

With global financial markets in flux, sharia-compliant banking is an increasingly attractive option for Western investors and financial institutions

A new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little entitled “Islamic Finance Comes of Age” has identified a surge in activity around Islamic finance as a promising opportunity for the global financial services industry as it emerges from the current recession.  With Islamic finance assets currently standing at $800 billion, Arthur D. Little expects this figure to surge to as much as $4 trillion in the next six years, representing a major opportunity for Western financial institutions looking to develop new partnerships and global markets. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 07 April 2009

Mobile banking

Next generation handsets and customers’ growing access to mobile internet are driving a new wave of sophisticated mobile banking offers

A new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little entitled “Banking on the Go” has identified investment in mobile banking as a promising revenue growing opportunity for the global financial services industry.  Moving well beyond simple text-based balance updates, mobile banking 2.0 will capitalise on customers’ increasing mobile internet use to carry out complex transactions and introduce novel ways to reach customers through the mobile medium. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 11 February 2009

Arthur D. Little ranks leaders of Europe's leasing finance market, and predicts 30% market consolidation to come

As falling financial giants look to sell leasing assets to survive the credit crunch, report optimistic about opportunities for strategic investors

After years of record growth, a new report released today projects a negative growth of minus ten per cent for the European leasing market in 2009. The study also warns that the number of Europe's leasing providers will shrink by 30 per cent in five years as it adapts to the slowing liquidity, lack of investment, and cost of fund issues common in the current financial markets.  Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little has analysed Europe's top 15 leasing finance companies, and along with ranking their market share, offers predictions as to how consolidation, corporate restructuring, and increased global competition will affect these main players and the industry as a whole over the next five years. In its latest report, "Survival of the Fittest", Arthur D. Little offers guidance as to how leasing providers can survive the current recession and the following period of predicted widespread industry consolidation. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 03 December 2008

Arthur D. Little: Nordic providers top the list of Europe’s most efficient insurance companies

Arthur D. Little has measured operative expense ratios in 50 of Europe’s largest non-life insurers over a period of 36 months. As the immediate fallout from the credit crisis becomes evident, the insurance industry must shift its focus to more long-term financial sustainability. One way to view this is to measure cost efficiency. Having identified those providers with fundamentally low expense ratios, the report is able to predict which European insurers will be likely to perform reasonably well in the business down-turn and who appears to be more exposed. The new study reveals that Nordic insurance companies lead Europe in cost-efficiency, while their peers in central Europe lag behind. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 26 November 2008

M&A expertise key to banks’ survival through credit crunch

A new report by Arthur D. Little asks: how can banks manage post-merger integration to realise true value growth in the post-liquidity crisis environment?

With the crisis in financial markets fueling increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity throughout Europe's financial services industry, a new study by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little predicts that within the next three years, ten of today's top fifty European banks will have disappeared due to consolidation.  With consolidation increasing and a track record of half of all mergers failing, a proactive post-merger integration strategy is critical to coming out as a winner. According to Arthur D. Little's latest report, "Driving Banks' Value through M&A," there are three major drivers to M&A that will continue fueling deal activity: geographic expansion into Central and Eastern European growth markets; consolidation in mature markets; and restructuring the value chain. The scarcity of risk capital required to decrease the leverage on the balance sheet in combination with a shortage of liquidity and funding will pose constraints on the weaker players and accelerate the trend in favor of the crisis winners. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 14 November 2008

Are support functions costing the financial services industry more than they are worth?

A new report by Arthur D. Little warns banks and insurers: More to be done to maximise back office efficiency

Despite progress in maximising operational efficiency, a new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little found that financial services companies have much work left to do to optimise the support and back-office functions of their corporate headquarters.  According to Arthur D. Little's latest report, "Rethinking the Corporate Center", treating support functions purely as cost centres can raise as many issues as it aims to solve, as cost-cutting models are demotivating and rarely live up to expectations. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 13 November 2008

Microfinance looks set to emerge as a new asset class

New report from Arthur D. Little reveals how microfinance institutions are surpassing repayment rates and exhibiting promising risk and return ratios

No longer limited to third world countries, according to a new report released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little, microfinance is thriving as it finds untapped demand within the European market. Founded on microcredits, microfinance programs extend small loans to the world's most basic entrepreneurs - the stall holders and craft makers selling products in the downtown area of every major city in the developing world. The new report, "Microfinance on the Rise", reveals how microfinance institutions (MFIs), having already lifted millions of poor microentrepreneurs out of poverty in developing markets, is now being more broadly offered in Western economies, reflecting rising demand from low income customers. [...]

Financial Services, Corporate Finance UK, London - 27 October 2008

ACQ Finance honours Arthur D. Little with two annual awards

Arthur D. Little applauded for excellence in commercial due diligence and management advice

Today ACQ Finance Magazine announced that Arthur D. Little have been honored twice in the publication's first annual country awards for achievement in the private equity field Arthur D. Little Nordic has been awarded the Swedish ACQ Country Award for Commercial Due Diligence, and the global management consultancy's French practice has been named Management Advisor of The Year.  The ACQ Finance Awards were developed to recognise and salute leaders in mergers and acquisitions. [...]

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