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Latest press releases

Automotive UK, London - 16 July 2009

Arthur D. Little: Car dealers face further agony with the global financial crisis

Latest report reveals how to evaluate and mitigate dealers’ risk of bankruptcy  

As credit markets tighten and the financial crisis deepens, car dealers worldwide are struggling with diminishing profitability and weak 2009 sales. “Dealer Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan Development” – a new report released by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) – explores how manufacturers can mitigate dealers’ risk of bankruptcy in order to minimize the impact on sales.  [...]

Public Services UK, London - 14 July 2009

Saudi Arabian ministry of commerce and industry engages Arthur D. Little for study on consumer protection regime

The Saudi Ministry of commerce and industry recently appointed Arthur D. Little to develop the consumer protection regime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arthur D. Little will advice the ministry on its strategy and the optimal design for the organisation tasked with upholding consumer rights and enforcing consumer protection regulation.  [...]

Automotive UK, London - 23 June 2009

The global truck and bus industry will experience market and technology challenges after today’s financial crisis

Latest report from ADL predicts that mastering new powertrain technologies will be critical within the rapidly evolving commercial vehicle market

The impact of the global financial crisis on the truck and bus industry has been profound. However, other forces such as increasing divergence in market requirements and new powertrain technologies are driving major changes in the commercial vehicle (CV) industry, which are fundamentally changing the way OEMs, dealers and suppliers conduct business.  ‘Powertrain at the Crossroads,’ a new study released today by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little, provides insight into how new technology and market diversification will dramatically reshape the industrial structure of those countries heavily dependent on the CV industry. [...]

TIME UK, London - 17 June 2009

Arthur D Little: Online gambling – perspectives on the European games of a chance market

Huge growth potential for established telcos 

An increasing number of European countries are putting aside their past reticence and preparing for a controlled opening of their markets to online gambling. The ever increasing number of surfers in countries where there is no online gambling are taking advantage of the offers of foreign websites. This is causing some countries to lose millions in taxes, whilst at the same time undermining the state's gambling monopoly. According to specialists at management consultancy Arthur D. Little, the market will increase over the next three years from the current €5 to a total of 8 billion. “Recently established telecom providers with their fixed client base are opening up interesting perspectives - not only for the generation of new turnover and income in a largely saturated market, but also to position themselves amongst the competition,” says Klaus von den Hoff, Director of Arthur D. Little's Telecoms, Information, Media and Entertainment (TIME) Practice. In co-operation with leading European companies in the telecommunications sector, the consulting teams at Arthur D. Little have worked out the essential factors for a successful market entrance. They have identified three crucial parameters for success: range of game offering, positioning in the value-added chain and overcoming some key challenges.  [...]

Germany, Düsseldorf - 11 June 2009

Marion Sommerwerck appointed Director of Global Marketing at Arthur D. Little

Marion Sommerwerck was appointed Global Director of Marketing & Communications on 1 April 2009 at Arthur D. Little, the international strategy consultants in Düsseldorf. She will be taking charge of, coordinating and assuming responsibility for the firm's worldwide marketing and communications. She will report directly to the CEO of Arthur D. Little, Dr. Michael Träm. 

Marion Sommerwerck's main tasks will be the international profiling and positioning of the Arthur D. Little brand as well as the strategic development and accelerated organization of all marketing and communications activities. [...]

Strategy & Organization UK, London - 12 May 2009

Arthur D. Little awarded Nordic commercial due diligence advisor of the year by ACQ Finance

ACQ Finance Magazine has announced that Arthur D. Little for the second consecutive year has been selected winner in the publication‘s annual awards for achievement in the private equity field. This year, Arthur D. Little has been elected Nordic commercial due diligence advisor of the year 2009. Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consultancy firm, is again ACQ readers’ first choice for advice on deal making transactions, M&A, private equity and corporate finance. In 2008, Arthur D. Little Nordic received the Swedish ACQ Country award for commercial due diligence and the firm’s French practice was awarded management advisor of the year. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 29 April 2009

Arthur D. Little: Study on the “Future of Mobility in 2020”

The automotive industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The entire industry is in a state of paralysis, disagreeing on whether the crisis has bottomed out or if the market will continue to deteriorate. Due to widespread restructuring measures, cost structures will be optimised in the short- and medium terms. However, the question remains whether long-term competitiveness can be secured and the automotive market can return to its pre-crisis condition. A new study by Arthur D. Little addresses the changing mobility demands of the future and the resulting impacts on the automotive industry. So far, the automotive industry is predicting a complete recovery of the market after the crisis has been overcome. While the industry has made downwards corrections to their projected sales figures for 2009 by a solid 8 million vehicles compared to forecasts from October 2008, this calculation is based on the assumption that the financial crisis will have been resolved in 2010 and the industry can return to its old growth rates. The main driver will be demand in the BRIC countries and increasing market penetration of hybrid and electric power systems.

According to Marc Winterhoff, Director and Head of Arthur D. Little’s German Automotive & Manufacturing practice, “We think this scenario is based on a false assumption, because the financial crisis is an amplifier, but not the cause, of the massive sales slump. The fundamental change in customer demand has its origins in the steadily rising oil prices right up to the outbreak of the crisis and in the debate over CO2. These are both sufficiently well-known and globally acting megatrends which, until that point were given only scant attention by the automotive industry.” These factors have now irreversibly changed customer behaviour in “the blink of an eye, in terms of automotive history”. This has led to significant overall market weakness and significant segment shifts from large, luxury vehicles to smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles. Even the current historically low oil prices have not brought relief. [...]

TIME Switzerland, Zurich - 24 April 2009

Arthur D. Little sees mobile payments surging ahead with distinct opportunities in developed and emerging markets

  • Arthur D. Little forecasts global m-payment transaction volume to reach approximately $ 250 billion by 2012, an increase of 68 per cent p.a
  • M-payment transaction volume in developed markets is expected to grow at 56 per cent p.a., representing 35 per cent of the total transaction volume in 2012, compared to emerging markets with a 76 per cent p.a. growth, accounting for 65 per cent of the total volume in the same year
  • M-payments are unlikely to substitute existing payment systems in developed markets
  • Despite the current hype, Arthur D. Little does not expect to see a massive Near-Field-Communication (NFC) adoption in a majority of developed countries until 2011 at the earliest
  • In emerging countries, Arthur D. Little expects m-payments to become the first widespread cashless payment system

In the last five years, markets with mobile payment offers have matured with a variety of players entering the industry value chain and new services being launched. Initially, there was a race to enter the market and a strong rivalry between different technological propositions that would facilitate mobile transaction channels. Today, we observe that, in many national markets, only one or two dominant mobile payment platforms (e.g. the paybox platform in Austria) have prevailed, and key issues now being addressed include cross border interoperability and standardization. While the prevailing financial crisis poses challenges to value chain players, we still believe that m-payment services will significantly develop over the coming years with the rise of mobile internet, the continuous improvement of mobile handsets and the younger generation’s preference for mobile services. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 21 April 2009

Islamic finance comes of age

With global financial markets in flux, sharia-compliant banking is an increasingly attractive option for Western investors and financial institutions

A new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little entitled “Islamic Finance Comes of Age” has identified a surge in activity around Islamic finance as a promising opportunity for the global financial services industry as it emerges from the current recession.  With Islamic finance assets currently standing at $800 billion, Arthur D. Little expects this figure to surge to as much as $4 trillion in the next six years, representing a major opportunity for Western financial institutions looking to develop new partnerships and global markets. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 07 April 2009

Mobile banking

Next generation handsets and customers’ growing access to mobile internet are driving a new wave of sophisticated mobile banking offers

A new report released today by management consultancy Arthur D. Little entitled “Banking on the Go” has identified investment in mobile banking as a promising revenue growing opportunity for the global financial services industry.  Moving well beyond simple text-based balance updates, mobile banking 2.0 will capitalise on customers’ increasing mobile internet use to carry out complex transactions and introduce novel ways to reach customers through the mobile medium. [...]

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