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Latest press releases

TIME Austria, Vienna - 19 August 2008

Arthur D. Little predicts continued high M&A activity in the Eastern European telecommunications markets

New report finds Eastern Europe is an attractive market for both strategic and financial investors looking to fill their deal pipeline with telecommunications transactions in the midst of the current credit crunch

According to a new report released today, both strategic investors, such as telecommunications operators, and especially financial investors are benefitting from the prospects of continued high merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the Central Eastern and Southeastern European telecoms markets. The report, produced by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little, predicts that the volume of telecommunications M&A transactions is expected to stay on similar levels as the €3.9 bn M&A volume realised by the ten largest telecommunications transactions in the region in 2007. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 14 August 2008

Value in Focus

New Arthur D. Little study reveals Nordic, Spanish and UK banks lead Europe in cost-efficiency, while their German and Portuguese peers lag behind

The Spanish bank Banco Popular has topped the list of Europe's most cost-efficient banks, according to a new study released today by Arthur D. Little. Kaupthing, from Iceland, and Swedish bank Svenska Handelsbanken round out the top of the list, which ranks Europe's largest financial institutions by cost-efficiency based on their cost-income ratio (CIR). British banks HBOS, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds TSB are all included in the top ten, as are Nordic lenders Kaupthing, Glitnir and Sv. Handelsbanken, and Spanish banks BBVA and Caja Madrid. [...]

UAE, Dubai - 16 July 2008

Arthur D. Little strengthens Middle East consultancy with Affinitiv integration

ADL welcomes the expertise and regional experience of Affinitiv's consultants to the consultancy's rapidly growing Middle East practice

Today leading global management consultancy Arthur D. Little announced that its Middle East office is integrating with the staff of Affinitiv, a strategic telecommunications and CRM consultancy with a strong presence in the region. Affinitiv's founder and CEO, Zoran Vasiljev, and his leadership team and employees will join Arthur D. Little's Middle East practice, with Vasiljev serving as a company Director. [...]

Strategy & Organization UK, London - 10 July 2008

Has private equity seen the end of its "golden age"?

A new thought piece by Arthur D. Little proposes solutions for private equity firms to survive and thrive in an economic downturn

With numerous large cap private equity transactions falling through in the past year, the industry's apparent downturn has been brought to the centre of attention. However, a new thought piece released today by Arthur D. Little presents a framework to help private equity businesses outperform the competition during an economic downturn. The review, "Private Equity Value Creation", identifies four guiding principles for operating in the increasingly risk-prone financial markets with solutions that are not cost prohibitive to implement and can be acted upon regardless of a firm's size. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 26 June 2008

Pressure on energy prices

A new thought piece by Arthur D. Little reveals strategic solutions for energy utilities in times of rising fuel prices

In a situation where energy utility companies across Europe are faced with multi-dimensional challenges of huge customer and political resistance to recent and forecasted price increases, a new thought piece by Arthur D. Little reveals practical solutions to these challenges with a focus on sustainability. The new article "Pressure on Energy Prices" looks at how incumbents adopting such practices are not only surviving, but gaining a competitive edge in terms of generation capacity, carbon position, revenue per customer and cost structures. [...]

Operations Management, Sustainability & Risk UK, London - 24 June 2008

Harnessing the power of sustainable procurement

Arthur D. Little launches new white paper urging businesses to bring sustainability to the supply chain at green supply chain summit

For many corporations, much of the footprint - and associated value - relating to sustainability lies in the supply chain rather than in operations directly controlled by the corporation itself. As stakeholders become increasingly insistent that "promises made" by the CEO should be "promises delivered", business leaders will need to extract and manage increasing innovation from suppliers as well as employees to deliver on commitments to sustainable performance. [...]

Travel & Transportation UK, - 10 June 2008

Journey 2.0 in sustainable transport

A new study by Arthur D. Little presents new revenue opportunities in transport

A new study by Arthur D. Little explores some emerging threats to revenues in the transport sector and investigates potentially significant business opportunities to overcome these. The white paper, “Journey 2.0”, represents the findings of Arthur D. Little’s initial stage of research into sustainable transport and looks at how and why transport providers’ revenue streams are under threat in the absence of realistic public transport alternatives and tougher operating conditions. [...]

USA, New York - 09 June 2008

Lincoln International's building and construction group and Arthur D. Little to hold annual industry seminar 24 June in New York City

Firm examines outlook and M&A opportunities in the building and construction industry

Lincoln International today announced it will hold its annual building and construction conference Tuesday, June 24 at the New York Athletic Club. The event also will be co-hosted by Arthur D. Little, the leading Global Management Consultancy, linking Strategy, Innovation and Technology.  As the leading mid-market advisor in building and construction, Lincoln has completed approximately 50 assignments in the industry since 2005.  The firm’s areas of focus include building materials and products, construction equipment and services and infrastructure in the non-residential and residential markets.  Arthur D. Little has worked with over 100 private equity and hedge fund clients worldwide and has helped clients to not only increase their returns but also decrease their holding periods through proprietary deal flow assistance, transparency-building due diligence and immediate action on value creation opportunities. [...]

UK, London - 05 June 2008

Delivering sustainable performance

A new report by Arthur D. Little warns many companies' responses to the challenge of sustainability is only skin-deep

A new report by Arthur D. Little reveals companies' responses to the challenge of sustainability lacks rigour. It takes a closer look at the reporting of sustainable performance in many companies and the corporate strategies supporting it. Corporate behaviour is superficially induced by demands of stakeholders and customers and to fulfil the basic requirements of legislative CSR reporting. Arthur D. Little's latest report, "Sustainable Performance", argues that by continuing to focus on traditional business objectives and paying little more than lip service to environmental issues, many companies risk losing out on the opportunities presented by sustainability - not least the opportunity to run a more competitive business and attract the attention of investors who increasingly recognise environmental performance as an indicator of long-term success. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 03 June 2008

Arthur D. Little: Maintaining a strong innovation culture during a downturn

A new report warns businesses not to abandon their innovation efforts during tough economic times

With speculation of an economic slowdown enough to bring some organisations’ R&D investment to a grinding halt, a new report released by Arthur D. Little today warns businesses that, even when times are tough, innovation capacity cannot be first place to wield the cost-cutting axe. The report recommends a renewed focus on fostering an "innovation culture" as a practical way for companies to ensure they get value from their innovation effort more quickly, and manage their investment wisely during an economic slowdown.  Remaining dedicated to innovation despite short-term market conditions is certainly not always easy, but has been a proven success factor behind e-commerce company Amazon, Google, and Research in Motion – developers of the Blackberry. [...]

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