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Latest press releases

Automotive UK, London - 22 November 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for online sales in the car industry

The role of online channels within the automotive sales industry is currently limited to information gathering with few links to sales. The OEMs need to integrate this channel in their sales concepts as a fully-fledged option as overcoming this challenge has the potential to vastly improve sales performance in some customer segments. Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) viewpoint “Online Sales in the Automotive Industry” highlights the opportunity for online car sales by evaluating barriers and identifying solutions. [...]

TIME Saudi Arabia, London - 20 November 2012

Arthur D. Little highlights the business benefits of 4G LTE

Organizations can seize new benefits

With increasing mobility and flexibility of the workforce, business continues to demand richer communication and collaboration for employees. Content and services need to be accessible away from the office, and on multiple devices. Arthur D. Little’s latest whitepaper, “The Business Benefits of 4G LTE” outlines tangible benefits that businesses can expect from LTE. Through real case situations across several industries it highlights five situations where business performance can be substantially improved by 4G LTE. [...]

Operations Management UK, London - 08 August 2012

Global Operations: 3 challenges, 1 roadmap

Global operations networks are challenged by three global trends: the maturing of emerging markets which changes consumers’ attitudes in these countries, the current and ongoing global and regional macroeconomic instability and the inherent inability of many companies to overcome these challenges with their current operations footprint. Arthur D. Little’s latest report ‘Performance Excellence Networks’ outlines how by implementing key principles, companies can make a major step forward to tap the full potential of their global network and become significantly more flexible in reacting on changing market situations rapidly. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 17 July 2012

Arthur D. Little highlights a better organizational form to support the energy industry’s technology environment

Companies are under increasing pressure to deploy their best available technological capabilities, in order to maximize recovery and efficiency, while at the same time minimizing costs and strengthening their safety records. Arthur D. Little’s latest whitepaper “The Projects, Technology & Procurement organization” examines the emergence of a new organizational form which sees the integration of all relevant Projects, Technology and Procurement (PTP) units into a single, integrated global division. The whitepaper reviews experiences of Shell, Statoil and other major players, highlighting best practices and issues to overcome in operating this organizational style. [...]

Strategy & Organization Germany, Munich - 27 April 2012

Investments in Customer Experience pay off in all economic cycles, states Arthur D. Little

In its latest Viewpoint, “Managing the Customer Experience: Going from Good to Great”, Arthur D. Little presents its experiences and methodology on how to become great at customer experience management. Today, Customer Experience Management is more important than ever as it plays a critical role in companies’ ability to differentiate. [...]

TIME UK, London - 17 April 2012

Arthur D. Little and Exane BNP Paribas: Core European telco revenues to decline by 1.8% p.a. until 2015

But big diversification revenues and cost transformation opportunities exist for operators making the right strategic choices in their markets – operators must act now

The move to an all-IP world where everything is connected presents a major threat to telecom operators’ core voice and SMS revenues, but also significant opportunities for these operators to extract value from adjacent markets. This is one of the main findings of Telecom Operators: Let’s Face It, the 11th edition of the annual report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little and equity broker Exane BNP Paribas. [...]

TIME UK, London - 13 March 2012

LTE Spectrum and Network Strategies: Strategic Options for Mobile Operators in Dynamic 4G Mobile Markets

In its latest Viewpoint “LTE Spectrum and Network Strategies”, Arthur D. Little evaluates the lessons learned from the completed LTE auctions in Europe, and assesses optimum auction and network deployment strategies for mobile operators in new, dynamic 4G markets. [...]

TIME, Automotive UK, London - 07 March 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for sustainable success of the connected car

OEMs must act now to ensure a long-term competitive advantage

Mobile technologies are making major inroads into the automotive industry. e-Mobility and efficient use of natural resources are becoming ever more important in defining the image of OEMs. With improved mobile connectivity and telematics putting the concept back on the agenda, Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) latest viewpoint “The Connected Car – Finally coming true?” outlines how OEMs must create the framework today to overcome start-up hurdles and achieve competitive advantage in a saturated market. [...]

Chemicals UK, London - 17 February 2012

Arthur D. Little voted most influential chemical engineer

Arthur Dehon LittleThe founder of Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consulting firm linking Strategy, Technology and Innovation, Arthur Dehon Little, has been voted the most influential chemical engineer by ‘The Chemical Engineer’ (TCE) journal. Little won 30% of the vote in the 2011 TCE’s series about Chemical Engineers who Changed the World, for defining the role of the chemical engineer. [...]

France, Paris - 02 January 2012

Arthur D. Little announces the successful completion of its Management Buy-Out

Firm returns to a Global Partnership

Arthur D. Little today announces that it successfully completed its Management Buy-Out (“MBO”) with Altran Technologies on 30th December, 2011. In its 125th anniversary year, the world’s first management consulting firm has once again become a Global Private Partnership, with 100% of the ownership of the company now held by its Partners. The MBO deal involves all of its offices worldwide and includes the prestigious Arthur D. Little brand. [...]

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