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Latest press releases

Strategy & Organization, Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 16 February 2011

Arthur D. Little and ESCP Europe explore best practice business incubation in new book

In recent years, the number of business incubators across the globe has rapidly increased in a bid to support and develop young entrepreneurs and establish a brighter future against a backdrop of economic austerity.  In new book Incubators of the World, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) and leading European business school ESCP Europe explore the best practices of global business incubators and ask whether such practices can be combined into a single global methodology. [...]

Sustainability & Risk, Sustainability UK, London - 12 January 2011

Arthur D. Little demystifies sustainability for the board in latest publication

While ‘sustainability’ has become a corporate watchword in the 21st century, many companies remain unclear about what are the most appropriate practical actions to take for business...  In The Board’s Sustainability Handbook, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) demystifies the concept of sustainability in business, and sets out the key ideas for non-specialist senior executives in an easily digestible format. [...]

Strategy & Organization UK, London - 11 January 2011

Arthur D. Little awarded Strategy Advisory Firm of the Year

Arthur D. Little (ADL) - the global management consultancy linking strategy, technology and innovation - has been honoured in the Intercontinental Finance Global Awards as Strategy Advisory Firm of the Year. The 2010 global awards have been presented to firms that have had the greatest impact on the industry within their region during 2009 and 2010. [...]

Financial Services UK, London - 23 November 2010

Arthur D. Little urges banks to innovate their approach to communications to reap significant cost savings

Inconsistent communication can affect customers’ loyalty to financial institutions

With banks facing increased levels of regulation following the financial crisis, it is vital that they become more customer-centric in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain profitability.  [...]

TIME UK, London - 09 November 2010

Mobile operators must establish network sharing partnerships while window of opportunity exists, says Arthur D. Little

The time is right for mobile network operators to seek partners for strategic cooperation on radio access networks, according to the latest report from Arthur D. Little, “The New Reality of Network Cooperation”.  However, operators must act now, because those who move quickly will narrow options for other competitors in the market. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 04 November 2010

Arthur D. Little – Car manufacturers losing millions of Euros year on year to independent repair networks

Study urges OEMs to take a more aggressive approach to insurance to protect profit margins

One of the largest profit generators for car manufacturers remains parts and service. However, low-cost repair shop networks have increasingly become preferred suppliers to car insurers looking to keep costs down. Despite an increased push by automotive OEMs to bring their own label insurance products to market, the results so far have been disappointing. [...]

Technology & Innovation Management UK, London - 30 September 2010

Arthur D. Little and Volvo Group bring new thinking to CIOs

Transforming information technology (IT) assets into competitive weapons

There is no avoiding the fact that IT has a high impact on business operations – however, few companies put IT on the executive agenda.  According to a joint report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little and vehicle manufacturing giant Volvo Group, executives must rethink and leverage their IT solution portfolio as a competitive company asset.  Arthur D. Little and Volvo Group have developed an IT solution portfolio management (ISPM) model to bring clarity around IT’s role and its impact on the executive agenda.

TIME UK, London - 14 September 2010

Arthur D. Little calls on incumbent operators and regulators to change European FTTH strategy

As consumer demand for services such as high definition TV and peer-to-peer file exchange increases, Arthur D. Little’s latest viewpoint “FTTH: Double Squeeze of Incumbents – Forced to Partner?" provides insight into the ultra-high-speed broadband sector.  It calls on incumbent operators in Europe to change their strategy, and for governments and regulators to adjust their policies or Europe’s economic competitiveness could be impacted.

TIME UK, London - 25 August 2010

Arthur D. Little: Telecoms operators can increase EBITDA by focussing on customer value

In order to create long-term competitive advantage in a maturing market, telecoms operators must transform their business models to extract more value from their customer base.  This is the key finding of “Making Value Management Work, at Last”, a new report by global management consultancy Arthur D. Little that shows how operators can generate two to five percentage points of incremental EBITDA margin by doing so. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 16 August 2010

Does the government have the political will to change direction on UK energy policy? asks Arthur D. Little

The UK government’s first annual energy statement recently acknowledged the ongoing need to realign UK energy policy in order to implement an environmentally responsible, secure and cost-efficient energy infrastructure.  Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little believes that the inconsistent policies so far pursued seem destined to deliver a high cost, low quality infrastructure – and asks whether the current government is willing to turn this situation around.

Central to the government’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 per cent below their 1990 levels by 2020 are the increase in the proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources, and energy efficiency measures. In Realigning UK energy policy, Arthur D. Little analyses how realistic and cost-effective some of the measures outlined for reaching this target really are: [...]

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