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Latest press releases

TIME France, Paris - 13 April 2010

European mobile operator revenues can stabilise from 2010 onwards driven by growth in mobile data according to joint report from Arthur D. Little and Exane BNP Paribas

"Mobile Internet: blessing or curse?” predicts improvement in mobile industry performance driven by accelerating smartphone penetration and control of CAPEX over the mid-term

  • Key points:
    • Mobile internet revenue growth could stabilise operators’ revenues from late 2010 fuelled by accelerating smartphone and mobile broadband markets
    • Operators need to encourage a more balanced smartphone market to ease the pressure on margins
    • Despite expected huge traffic growth, CAPEX should remain under control in the mid-term thanks to HSPA+ technologies and traffic offload to fixed-line networks

TIME UK, London - 31 March 2010

Central and Eastern European telecom operators take bold approach in broadband market and beyond, Arthur D. Little finds

  • While DSL has been the dominant fixed broadband technology in the EU, the CEE experience has confirmed that other technologies, such as wifi, LAN, and FTTx, may better fit local markets
  • Spectrum licences represent major opportunity for new players to enter the market, and for current players to expand their service offerings
  • Pay TV and telecom operators are reacting to increasing competition by expanding their services and diversifying revenues

Arthur D. Little’s new report, “Space for Creativity: Innovative Solutions in Central and Eastern European Telecommunications", has revealed that operators in CEE have often deployed new innovative technologies earlier and faster than their Western European counterparts. This bold approach has driven growth in the broadband market, contributed to the ascendancy of mobile telecommunications, and effaced the line between telecom companies and TV operators. [...]

UK, London - 25 March 2010

Arthur D. Little: Top global innovators identified

New report urges businesses to benchmark innovation against top global companies

Global executives admire Google, Apple and GE as the world's most innovative companies, a study from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little has revealed.  In its bi-annual survey of 400 global companies, the consultancy compared innovation capacity against the average by industry. [...]

UK, London - 04 March 2010

Arthur D. Little: Transforming public R&D for a post-recession world

New report warns research and technology institutes to collaborate and modernise in order to meet challenges of globalisation and a resource-constrained future

Traditional state-run research and technology institutes (RTIs) face significant challenges and in some cases extinction, warns a new report from management consultancy Arthur D. Little.  With the global recession signalling cuts in state funding, more demanding industry customers and governments facing complex policy issues such as the low-carbon economy, RTIs today face a new set of challenges. [...]

TIME UK, London - 02 March 2010

Arthur D. Little: Cost reduction in the telecom industry

Report warns: operators must act to escape from the low-profit spiral

The European telecoms industry is at risk of becoming a low profit business. The new study "Cost Reduction in the Telecom Industry" from the management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns that cost management must become an even stronger focus for wireless and wireline operators.

Italy, Milan - 01 February 2010

ECPI and Arthur D. Little launch global carbon equity index

Index highlights companies best-equipped to prosper in tougher climate legislation environment

ECPI, the leading sustainability research and ESG index construction company, has announced the launch of its global carbon equity index. [...]

Energy & Utilities UK, London - 17 December 2009

Arthur D. Little: Time for change – new asset management practices needed at international oil companies

New report reveals oil companies need practical measures to deal with the complex changes in delivering reserves replacement

A new report by Arthur D. Little urges international oil companies (IOCs) to rethink traditional models of asset management and consider moving towards a more integrated and cross-asset view in order to ensure long-term success in a changing marketplace. In “Time for Change – Oil Company Asset Management,” the consultancy’s Energy and Sustainability practices argue that traditional asset-based organisation and asset lifecycle management systems are not sufficient for the road ahead. [...]

UK, London - 15 December 2009

„Innovate Your Company“

Arthur D. Little CEO identifies trends for competitive advantage in new book, Innovate Your Company

Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little has announced the publication of Innovate Your Company, a book written by its CEO Dr. Michael Träm that examines the challenges facing the modern corporation and provides insights into how companies can remain innovative and competitive both now and in the future. [...]

TIME UK, London - 08 December 2009

IPTV growth hinges on an open standard

New report urges telecoms players to work collectively to develop an interoperable, affordable, and innovation-friendly global IPTV standard

With the telecoms industry looking to IPTV as its golden ticket to finance large-scale fibre-optic broadband roll-out, a new study by management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns that without a single, global IPTV standard, the industry’s silver bullet could fail to deliver. [...]

China, Hong Kong - 18 November 2009

Arthur D. Little: Nokia named winning emerging market player

Arthur D. Little 2009 BRIC Award celebrates Nokia’s strategy for BRIC market success

Today global management consultancy Arthur D. Little announced that Nokia is the recipient of its first annual BRIC Award for outstanding success in the emerging markets. Announced at GSMA’s 2009 Mobile Asia Congress, the award recognises the company with the most successful strategy for BRIC market growth. [...]

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